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Week 15 - 49ers vs. Cincinnati Bengals - Open Thread

My apologies for the limited information in this open thread.  I just finished my LAST final of the semester and it is time to enjoy myself.  I'll spending most of the rest of the day/evening with classmates getting just a wee bit annihilated.  The plan was to drink for the next 30 hours, but I realized that might very well kill me.  So, instead I've got the TiVo set and will watch the game either later tonight or tomorrow morning and get the recap up shortly thereafter.  Hopefully the 49ers can give me some enjoyment the rest of the weekend.

For now, the pertinent information is that Marcus Hudson is out, Shawntae Spencer is listed as questionable but looks to be out as well.  Aside from Donald Strickland getting more nickel time, maybe we'll get a healthy dose of Tarell Brown.  I've been intrigued by the rookie ever since he was taken in the 5th round.  He could do absolutely nothing, but now is as good a time as any to see what he can do.

So, hopefully the 49ers can make somethings happen on offense.  They'll need something with the way the Bengals can light up the scoreboard.  The abbreviated Shaun Hill era has begun!


[EDITOR'S UPDATE 2:15PM] - Just a heads-up, but for those that didn't know the time, the game is at 5:15pm PST/8:15pm EST. It's on the NFL Network, but in San Francisco (and I'd guess most of the Bay Area), you can also catch the game on NBC.