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Deion's Hair Salon analogy

I'm in the midst of reviewing the film and just happened upon Deion's hair salon analogy that created some confusion.  I just spent 10 minutes transcribing it to clear things up for Drunken Miller and others because it actually makes perfect sense when you listen to it over and over again.

Deion: "See the problem I have with the whole situation is, if my wife is going to the beauty salon to get her hair done (Marshall throws in an uh-oh at this point); and she walks in there and the person doing her hair, her hair isn't done.  So you mean to tell me the person that's doing your hair, her hair is all jacked up; I don't want you going there.  So when you're known for being a defensive person, your defense should be sufficient and that's an on-going theme amongst the NFL.  Coaches they known for being offensive coordinator, and your offense is garbage."

My use of semi-colons may be in error, but I think it makes sense more or less.  If you're known for being good at something, your own area of expertise should be sufficient.  In looking at Nolan, he's always been a defensive-oriented guy and I think he's done what he can to make the defense better.

Anyways, after a little over a half of football, I've warmed up to this broadcast team.  They still have their issues, but Deion is better than I recalled.  I have to say the hair salon analogy might be my favorite analogy in quite some time.

Alright, back to reviewing the film and I'll have more info in an hour or two.

One other thing I'd love to hear people's opinions on.  I was watching Shaun Hill throw the ball and his throwing motion seemed vaguely familiar.  Is it just me or does he throw the ball like a right-handed Steve Young?  I'm not trying to infer he's the next coming of Steve Young, but the way he kind of pushes it through the zone seems to look like how Young used to throw the ball.  Let me know your thoughts.