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Welcome to new readers

There is a link at the bottom to, which tracks the site traffic as far as numbers and referral site information.  While looking it over today, I noticed a decent little surge of people coming from the following link:

I'm guessing ESPN's team clubhouses pick up links through Google News.  Either way, it's always good to get new people checking out the site.  For any new readers, you can register for free here.  Registering allows you to comment on the various threads that are open, or even create your own diaries, which allows you to discuss anything 49ers or otherwise remotely related.  Basically it's a blog within a blog.  It asks for your email address but that is for when you forget your password, and not for any marketing purposes.

So, feel free to sign up and discuss everything under the sun about your favorite NFL team.  And also, one more shameless plug to vote for my defining moment prediction.  I'm a competitive individual and want to dominate the voting!  Just click on the Like It link under the red square with vote totals.

So, welcome and enjoy the site.