Can we talk Draft yet?

I know we've got one week left, and obviously I am pulling for a win, but I just love the draft talk that will heat up within the next month, so I figure we could get a head start.  

Here's the best database of all mock drafts on the net, I think:

Most of them have us taking a WR, DL, or OL.  None have us selecting a QB, and I'm alright with that.  I'd love to see those 3 positions taken care of within the first 3 rounds or so, and with a new/better Offensive Coordinator, I'm afraid that my expectations for 2008 will be the same as 2007, so who knows.  

Of the Wide Receivers, I like Bowman out of OK St. a lot, Hardy from Indiana, Robiskie, Doucet, Sweed.  

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