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Carolina 31 - 49ers 14: HowTheyScored is right: Clearly a trap game

I definitely think the 49ers were looking ahead to that huge Vikings matchup next week and the playoff implications they're dealing with.  Or maybe they were sad to see Tony Boselli and Ron Pitts performing their magic in St. Louis.  Of course, with Minnesota actually in the thick of the playoff race, we may get decent announcers next weekend.

So now that the pipe dream of a winning streak is done, there are a few administrative matters to discuss.  My first final is Tuesday and I actually only caught bits and pieces of today's game.  I was at the library all day and the game is currently sitting on my TiVo waiting to be watched or deleted.  Unfortunately my four exams are staggered over the next two weeks (Tuesday/Friday/Tuesday/Saturday).  So while I will be getting posts up it will not as much as one would normally expect.

With that in mind, over the last couple of weeks I've seen more diary activity, which I'd especially like to encourage over the next two weeks.  I'm definitely more inclined to promote diaries because of my own lack of time for posting.  I still want to get my own post up per day, but it's entirely possible I'll fall below that threshhold the next two weeks, until my winter break starts (counting the days, hours and minutes!).

Apologies for the slowdown as the season is reaching its climax (well maybe not so much a climax for the 49ers).  Once I'm finished with exams, I'll definitely be stepping back up and trying to rock 2 or 3 posts a day.