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49ers / Nolan End of Season press conference Postponed: The sky is falling as rumors swirl

The end of season press conference scheduled for 4pm local time has been postponed.  Naturally, the local writers are jumping all over this and the questions that prevail.  Just ask Tim Kawakami and Matt Maiocco.  Maiocco pointed out the now familiar York pattern with dismissing coaches:

OK, so what does it mean?

Well, it obviously means the Yorks are not completely convinced that Mike Nolan should be the head coach next season.

-- The 2002 season ended when the 49ers lost to the Buccaneers in the playoffs on Jan. 12, 2003. York called Steve Mariucci, who was home watching "Joe Millionaire" on TV on a Monday night. Finally, on Wednesday, Jan. 15, York fired Mariucci during a meeting that was so long that everybody knew Mariucci had been fired before he left York's office.

-- The 2004 season ended with a road loss to the Patriots on Jan. 2, 2005. York held extensive meetings with Terry Donahue and Dennis Erickson. Finally, on Jan. 6, York decided to fire both men.

I guess this could mean the end of Nolan, or it could just be clarifying some new aspects of Nolan's staff.  The way things are happening, I suppose I wouldn't be surprised if this ranged from Nolan being canned to Nolan being forced to make specific changes to his coaching staff.  Considering all the openings, this could be the preemptive move to get Mike Singletary in as head coach.  Or not.  Someone mentioned bringing in Marty Schottenheimer, while others have mentioned Bill Cowher.  Personally, I'm just going to wait until a firing actually takes place before putting in my own two cents on other candidates.  There have been communication issues involving Nolan that need to be fixed if he's going to stick around.  A good coach can get teams through the rough patches and come out smelling like roses.  That was not the case with Coach Nolan.  I think Nolan deserves another year, but he definitely needs to work on his game managing from the sidelines.

I've just added a new front page poll on Coach Nolan. Vote away.

For now though, the New Year is definitely bringing all sorts of interesting goings-on with the 49ers.  We'll certainly have to stay tuned.