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Manusky named Defensive Coordinator

For the collective Huh?! in the crowd, Greg Manusky, formerly San Diego linebackers coach, has been named the new defensive coordinator.  After a 12 year playing career, Manusky volunteered at Tampa Bay's training camp working with linebackers and special teams in 2000.  The following season he was the Redskins linebacker coach and then was hired by the San Diego Chargers in 2002 as their linebacker coach.

From the little I've read so far, his primary strength seems to be that he is well-versed in the 3-4.  Additionally, Sacramento Bee beat writer Matt Barrows says San Diego was planning on elevating him to DC their if Wade Phillips were to be hired by the Cowboys.

This tells me two things (both of which I could be completely wrong about: 1) Going with someone that is relatively inexperienced, Mike Nolan is planning on being in control of some if not all of the play-calling.  If he wanted to spread the play-calling wouldn't he have brought in someone with more experience, or even promoted Singletary?  And 2) I assume this means Wade Phillips is probably not going to get the Dallas job, even if that was already widely determined.

The big question is what does this mean with Singletary?  Is he probably headed to Dallas, is this some master plan to bring in a 3-4 guy while still keeping Singletary around?  I must say I'm a little baffled.