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Bring on the BY

Although a deal is not yet done, negotiations have begun to bring back Bryant Young for a 14th season.  It's interesting to note how the team has reduced his workload to increase his effectiveness.  While Jeremy Newberry was simply put on the IR as a "thank you" for his great years, BY is still an effective performer, making the Pro Bowl as an alternate while leading the team in sacks.  

As the team continues the move to the 3-4, I think Young will be instrumental as a teacher to the youngsters.  Young is the last member of the '94 Super Bowl win, which I really don't think can be underestimated.  He brings a veteran leadership that transcends the playing field.  Even though he's played the 4-3 most of his career, he brings a little something extra you almost can't describe.

This potential resigning is also something that all this salary cap space allows.  In the past, we had to let veterans walk because we were jammed up so tight against the cap.  For the first time in a long time, we have a ton of cap space and can afford a luxury signing.  While Bryant Young clearly is reaching the end of his career, he has enough left to help this defense.  It will be interesting to see how involved he is both as part of the continued transition to the 3-4, and also with the dramatic changes in personnel that many expect on the defensive side of the ball.