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Vegas Baby...Vegas!

While I'm copping that line from the Sports Guy, swingers, etc..., nothing else really fits the moment more perfectly.  I'll be flying out of SFO tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon for a week long vacation in Las Vegas and I could NOT be happier (well I suppose a 49ers Super Bowl win would be a plus).  It's actually a coincidence that I'm going down to Vegas the weekend of the NBA All Star game.  However, we'll see if I can snag some scalped tickets tomorrow night for the dunk contest.  I figure once the event starts scalpers will be unloading tickets a little cheaper.

Anyways, I'll have my laptop with me and will get some updates posted as often as possible (starting with defensive line grades before leaving for the airport).  However, I'm hoping some of you will be motivated to post some quality diaries over the next week.  I have the ability to pull diaries to the main page, as you can see from the Samuel franchise tag article.  I'm hoping someone is inspired to post a solid diary that I can pull to the front page, whether it be about the Combine, or something you think is worth discussing even remotely related to anything.

So, enjoy your President's Day weekend and at the very least I'm going to get a bet in for the 49ers to win the Super Bowl next year!