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BY is back, RFA's tendered

And so the 49ers finally get down to some real business this offseason.  John Clayton is reporting at ESPN that Bryant Young has been signed to a 1-year deal that will be roughly in line with what he was going to make before the final year was voided ($4.25 million).  In addition, the team has tendered contracts to restricted free agents Andy Lee and Maurice Hicks as well as to exclusive rights free agent Tony Wragge.  

Both Hicks and Lee were offered the lowest possible tender of $850,000.  Lee and Hicks are allowed to negotiate with other teams until April 27, at which time their rights would revert back to the 49ers.  If Hicks were to accept an offer sheet elsewhere, the 49ers would have the right match the offer.  However, because Hicks was undrafted and is being offered the lowest tender, the team would receive no compensation.  However, because Lee was drafted in the 6th round, if he accepted an offer sheet, the 49ers would receive a 2007 6th round draft choice as compensation.

For those wondering about Wragge, an exclusive rights free agent has, "no more than two accrued seasons in the NFL and may only sign with his prior team, provided, of course, that the team extends a minimum qualifying offer to the player."(From

Finally, the 49ers did NOT tender safety Mike Adams, which makes him an unrestricted free agent, available to the highest bidder.