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Adam Carriker chat

[EDITOR'S NOTE] - Didn't wanna create a new post, but joebirdie3 nailed the OC scoop. The 49ers officially named Jim Hostler offensive coordinator. I'll have a bigger post this evening with details about Hostler.

Adam Carriker had a half hour chat over at this morning and I thought I'd share some of what he said, considering he is a prime candidate to be taken by the 49ers at the 11th spot.  Copyright laws don't allow me to post the whole chat, but I'll post the more relevant questions and answers.  There were a lot of clichéd answers to questions like would you rather play 3-4 or 4-3 and what time would you want to play for so I'm going to skip over those questions in particular.  You can view the entire chat at

On playing in a pro-style setup under Bill Callahan:

What was it like to play for callahan and did he get you more prepared for the NFL then any other coach since he was once a head coach for the NFL?

Adam Carriker: Definitely. He has that NFL mentality. We ran the practices like they did in NFL. We ran the Senior Bowl practices like our practices and to be honest, those practices were easier than our practices.

On his strengths as a defensive end:

Adam, what would you say your strengths are as a DE?

Adam Carriker: I would say my combination of speed and strength, which equals power. It allows me to not only be a run stopper or a pass rusher but a combination of the two.

On playing to his potential:

Do you feel you lived up to your potential at Nebraska? Are you capable of being a perennial pro-bowl caliber player?

Adam Carriker: I think I lived up to my potential in the scheme that we had. I took on a lot of double teams and it was more of a team attack. I was a little disappointed that I didn't get more sacks, but it was more team oriented this year. And yes, I feel like I can be a perennial Pro Bowl player. Everyone does.

On NFL role models

Adam, Who's your biggest role model in the NFL?

Adam Carriker: I grew up liking Grant Wistrom. He plays like his head is on fire. I also like Kyle Vanderbosch. A couple of Nebraska guys. Big strong guys, physical guys.

On whom he'd most like to sack:
Of all of the quaterbacks in the NFL, who would you most like to sack?

Adam Carriker: Hmmmm. I would say Brett Favre, because I remember watching him when I was in middle school. Sacking him would be fun. Nothing personal. It would be an honor, honestly.

Adam certainly seems like a guy with a good head on his shoulders and if the 49ers were to take him hopefully he's someone who will bust his to be the best. I could think of a lot worse options at the 11 spot.