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Super Bowl XLI Game Day Thread


Current Line: Colts -6.5 - O/U: 47.5
Money Line: Colts -230/Bears +190

Game Time: 6:25pmEST/3:25pmPST
Location: Miami, Florida
Weather:  66°; Precipitation: 60%; Winds from the Northeast @ 13 mph

Well, the two weeks over Super Bowl buildup is over and the National Holiday that is Super Bowl Sunday is upon us!  Over the last 2 weeks I managed to avoid most of the Super Bowl coverage in the mainstream media.  Had the 49ers made the Super Bowl I probably would have gobbled it all up, but that's not the case.

I don't think you can point to a single factor in affecting the outcome of today's game.  How will Rex Grossman play?  How will Peyton Manning play in the biggest game of his life?  Which running back duo will establish itself first?  Who will struggle more because of the potential rain?  I could go on and on, but if I ignored what I said at the beginning of the paragraph and picked one thing, I think it comes to down to defense vs. defense.  If Rex Grossman struggles but the defense plays some inspired play, the Bears can pull this one out.  The Colts defense can't let the Jones/Benson duo pick up steam.  If the Bears running game gets going, even more pressure comes OFF of Rex Grossman.

As my prediction shows, I think the Bears will win a squeaker.  At the same time, I wouldn't be totally surprised by a Colts blowout.  I don't think it will fall in between that where the Colts win a squeaker or the Bears win handily.  To give me a little more rooting interest, I even through down $20 on the moneyline for the Bears to win outright.

So in a rare straying from my 49ers love, LET'S GO BEARS!  Feel free to call me names and talk smack in this thread.  If I end up watching the game at a home with a big fat pizza, I'll be here to respond.  Otherwise, ENJOY THE GAME.

One update, for those who are interested in how badly celebrities will perform in their picks: Check out SI.Com