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Congratulations to the winners of Super Bowl XLI - The Indianapolis Colts

And so congratulations are in order.  Peyton Manning has a Super Bowl win to "validate" his career.  If you paid close enough attention you learned that Tony Dungy is the first African-American coach to win a Super Bowl after he and Lovie Smith were the first two African-American coaches to coach in a Super Bowl(clearly this wasn't enforced enough).

The Colts won this game by beating the Bears at their own game.  They beat them in the trenches, as they clearly dominated the line of scrimmage.  I definitely think Addai and Rhodes should have shared the MVP.  Manning played solidly, but not worthy of MVP.  I'd assume it was more in the heat of the moment, but whatever I suppose.

And so the season has come to an end (The Pro Bowl  just doesn't count, you know?).  The combine is later this month, then free agency, the draft and minicamps.  Next thing you know we begin on the road to Super Bowl XLII.

Our offseason began a month ago, but the offseason really gets going soon.  In the meantime, feel free to enjoy what should be the drunken ramblings of the Colts SB Nation blog tonight and the hungover ramblings tomorrow!