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Super Bowl XLII Odds

As is tradition, futures odds for Super Bowl XLII have been made public and I'm a little surprised at what I see.  Our friends at Scores and Odds will probably have the futures up soon, but in the meantime, Vegas Insider has posted their early odds.  The 49ers join 8 other teams with the worst odds at 100-1 to win the Super Bowl.  That leaves us with the same odds as the Browns, Packers, Lions, Texans, Vikings, Raiders and Buccaneers.  Really?!?!

Now, I'll be going down to Las Vegas President's Day weekend and I think if I can get these 100-1 odds, I may have to throw down $10 or $20 on our boys.  At the very least, maybe I can get good odds on them winning the West.  If they have a solid free agency and draft period I think their odds will come down rather drastically as they'll be a "sexy pick" to win the West.

So, in the afterglow of Super Bowl XLI, and what was a solid rebuilding year for the 49ers, the work begins for next year.