Gore/Bush in 07

[EDITOR'S NOTE] - We've had a nice little discussion develop on the possibility of taking Michael Bush if he fell to us with our early 2nd round pick. I'm curious what others thoughts are? If we went defense in the first round, maybe adding a weapon like Bush could give us a more dynamic offense and take some of the bruising off of Gore. Thoughts?

For a second let's just say the Niners make the right decision and take a defensive player with the 11th pick, I'll even go as far as saying we get Okoye.  Moving on the 2nd round what should we be looking for?  A Gore/Bush combo in 07!
I know Frank Gore had his coming out party last year but he's not much of a goal line runner and it seems to me that a lot of the league is starting to lean to RB tandems instead of just having one guys shoulder the load.  And I think Michael Bush would make one hell of a running make with Frank Gore and Bush could still be hanging when our 2nd rounder comes along.
With all this being said I am a big proponent of run first offenses and with the team as is if Gore goes down I don't think Smith is up to the task of carrying the offense yet.

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