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A little more mockery 2/7/07

A few weeks ago we introduced a feature that looked at a mock draft to see who that day's newest 49er would be.  At the time NFL Draft Countdown projected Ted Ginn.  As of February 6, they're projecting everyone's favorite 19-year old defensive tackle, Amobi Okoyeyour.

However, in scanning our fellow SB Nation blogs, I came across a diary at Field Gulls, the Seahawks blog, that mentioned a site called Draft Tek.  As their site describes it,

Draft Tek uses a computer model to generate a simulated projection of the 2007 NFL Draft.  As team needs and player rankings change over the next 3 months, Draft Tek will be the first out of the block with updated projections - on a daily basis if events warrant.

With that in mind, I plan on providing their updates at least once a week until the draft.  The most obvious changes will occur after free agency starts, which will make it interesting to see how big the changes are.  Also, since compensatory picks have not been determined yet, Draft Tek does not show the extra pick we have in the 3rd and 4th rounds.  

Until then, here are the projections.  Part of their formula involves determining team needs, a lot of which comes from a combination of the media and message boards.  All team needs can be seen here at Draft Tek.  Basically, the lower the number under the position, the more the position is needed.  The link for each player is to  They have a premium section that is $25 right now, but they also offer some basic info for free.

Round 1 #11 - Amobi Okoye, DT, Louisville
Round 2 #43 - Jonathan Wade, CB, Tennessee
Round 3 #75 - Ray McDonald, DE, Florida
Round 4 #100 - Chansi Stuckey, WR, Clemson
Round 4 #106 - Juwan Simpson, OLB, Alabama
Round 4 #122 - John Wendling, FS, Wyoming
Round 5 #138 - DeShawn Wynn, RB, Florida
Round 6 #170 - Mansfield Wrotto, OG, Georgia Tech

And for the Michael Bush crowd, he's projected to the Jets with the 5th pick of the 2nd round.