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ESPN Sources report WADE PHILLIPS TO BE NAMED COWBOYS HEAD COACH has posted a breaking news alert reporting that league and Cowboys sources have told them that Wade Phillips is traveling from San Diego to Dallas after being told he had the job.

All I can say if this is accurate is HELL YEA!  Glenn Dickey had a great article discussing how Norv to the Cowboys would hurt Norv, the Cowboys AND the 49ers all at the same time.  Well now, if he is staying again all I can say is HELL YEA! Obviously the players on the field make things happen, but I really think that if Alex Smith gets another year of his tutelage, he can take the next step towards become the franchise QB the 49ers so desperately need him to become.

As far as I'm concerned this is a good thing.  If any of you disagree, feel free to post your argument.  I simply believe that if Alex Smith had to go through a 3rd offensive coordinator in as many years, good things would NOT result.

So feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.