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NFL Combine Invitation List Released

With the NFL Combine coming up February 21st through the 27th, the time has come for two things to happen: 1) Someone's gonna run a filthy 40 and complete a nasty shuttle run causing his draft stock to skyrocket because NOTHING predicts NFL success like a 40 yard dash and running amongst some cones! 2) Someone currently projected to go in the first round will run a substandard 40 and see his stock drop into the 2nd round.

For those who do not know a lot about the Combine, it is basically a huge cattle call that allows teams to poke and prod various prospects in a single setting.  For more information, the Combine even has its own Website.  For those who have the NFL Network, they'll be broadcasting the Combine workouts.  If you've never seen very large men running back and forth and jumping up and down, you're in for a treat.

The official list of invited players has been released, so feel free to check out everyone from Jon Abbate to Jared Zabransky.

I was planning on extensive coverage of the Combine, but may have to make some adjustments.  I'm going to Las Vegas from Saturday February 17 to Friday February 23.  I'm bringing my laptop so I'll be getting in updates and at the very least I'll post an open thread to discuss the Combine.  Furthermore, I'll haver a wrap-up after the Combine.