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SB Nation Podcast Debuts Today

[EDITOR'S UPDATE 5:30PM] - Well hopefully that wasn't too brutal for you guys. That was my first ever radio-related appearance and I think it went ok. I definitely look forward to it again in the future and I'll keep everyone updated as to when I'll be on again.

To follow Stampede Blue's lead, I am pleased to announce that SB Nation is debuting its first official podcast called The SB Nation Sports Report.  The Sports Report will be hosted by Big Blue Shoe over at Stampede Blue and Mile High Report's TheSportsGuru. SB Nation has decided to get the podcasting going using, which allows listeners the ability to call-in or IM us live while we do the show. That means, like any other regular radio show, if you call-in with a question or comment, it will be addressed on-air and live. It's another way for you, the readers here and on other blogs, to interact with the various writers.  Mile High Report actually has a weekly show he's been doing with various guests.  If you go to his site you can check out a sample on the media player down the right column.

The premiere episode of The SB Nation Sports Report is this evening, at 8pm. If you go to the site, it is acting on prior to daylight savings time, so it will say 7eastern, 4pacific.  Remember, this Sunday is Daylight Savings Time and the show is actually 8 eastern/5 pacific. The guests on this evening's show will include yours truly from Niners Nation, Peter Bean of Burnt Orange Nation, and possibly SkinsPatrol from Hogs Haven. We'll talk NFL free agency, the Signature Pharmacy steroids scandal, and NCAA hoops.

I'll be adding a media player to Niners Nation at some point in the coming days that will allow you to listen to the show while logged in here.  For now though, head over to OUR SITE AT BLOG TALK RADIO to listen to the show this evening.  If you aren't able to call in, I'd love to hear what people have to say after the show.  If you miss the show, you can download thepodcast for free.  Either way, feel free to comment on what you like and don't like.

[EDITOR'S UPDATE 1:45pm] - Here's the planned schedule for the show tonight:

Me, Niners Nation: 5:10pm pacific/8:10pm eastern

Mike, Black Shoe Diaries (Penn State): 5:30pm pacific/8:30pm eastern

Pete Bean, Burnt Orange Nation (Texas Longhorns): 5:40pm pacific/8:40pm eastern