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For those who missed it...

I'll be posting a Jarvis Moss scouting report later in the morning, but in the meantime, I thought I'd throw out a quick Niners Nation weekend in review in case you were away.

  • Late Friday afternoon we rolled out a draft speculation story covering some out there suggestions ranging from trading up from the 2nd round to the first round, to trading up for Calvin Johnson.  No idea is too crazy!
  • Saturday I threw up a scouting report of Adam Carriker, a very real possibility at our 11th pick.
  • Finally, Sunday saw the debut of Niners Nation on the radio.  SB Nation has created a national podcast, called SB Nation Sports Report that will be airing weekly.  I was on to discuss free agency and defend the 49ers signing of Nate Clements.  Feel free to download the podcast (it's free) and enjoy football, steroids and NCAA discussion.

Things have been pretty quiet for the 49ers the last few days and look to remain so heading towards the draft, especially with Donte Stallworth signing with New England on Sunday.  However, we'll have plenty of updates and features here at Niners Nation beginning with a Jarvis Moss scouting report today.