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Keep up the mockery 3/13/07

Warren, over at Draft Tek continues to update his mock drafts.  For the last couple weeks he has actually had us taking LSU wide receiver Dwayne Bowe in a bit of a reach at 11 and potentially filling quite a few needs throughout.

Round 1 #11 - Dwayne Bowe, WR, LSU

Round 2 #43 - Jon Beason, OLB, Miami

Round 3 #75 - Dan Bazuin, DE, Central Michigan

Round 4 #100 - Antonio Johnson, DT, Mississippi State

Round 4 #106 - Adam Koets, OT, Oregon State

Round 4 #120 - Dashon Goldson, FS, Washington

Round 5 #137 - Rhema McKnight, WR, Notre Dame

Round 6 #171 - Enoka Lucas, C, Oregon

He still has wide receiver as our top need, with guys like Okoye and Carriker dropping behind us.  I mentioned our need at defensive line and I really think we tak a defensive line, but he's left it as wide receiver.

Mel Kiper put together a 1st round mock draft today that had us taking Dwayne Jarrett with Alan Branch falling all the way to 13.

And finally, in Todd McShay's Insider mock draft he actually has us back with Ted Ginn, Jr.

So we're through the NFL Combine and on to each school's Pro Day.  I definitely want to reinforce my own opinion that if Branch is there at #11 we'd be insane to NOT take him.  A behemoth at the nose tackle spot would be a key addition and I just don't see us taking a Dwayne Bowe in the first round.  Anybody else's thoughts?