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NCAA Tournament Day 1: Open Thread

As I said when I created the Niners Nation ESPN Tourney Challenge, most everyone can find excitement in March Madness, whether you're a hard core or casual fan.  So here's an option for those of you stuck at work.  First off, get NCAA Sports March Madness on Demand.  It's free and allows you to watch ALL of the out of market games.  I used it last year and it is PERFECT if you've got a decent internet connection.  So definitely hit it up.

And secondly, feel free to hit up some of our college blogs that will have live-updated info for their teams.  Our blog list is on the right side of the front page, just below the diaries and last year's NFC West standings.  The list goes football, baseball, basketball, colleges, etc.  Feel free to check some of them out throughout the day.

If you're not in the mood for college basketball, I've posted a little feature on NFL Europe below and we have plenty of scouting reports you can pour over as we get ready for the draft in six weeks.  But in the meantime, THE MADNESS IS UPON US.


[EDITOR'S UPDATE] - Just received word that for afternoon games (late morning in our case), Rakes of Mallow (Notre Dame blog) will be the primary SB Nation hub for today. Feel free to either post your thoughts there (registration is free) or email them at rakesofmallow at gmail dot com.

For the late afternoon/evening games, Card Chronicle (Louisville blog) will be the hub for today. As above, feel free to either post your thoughts there or email them at mikeruth5 at aol dot com. It should be a fun day.