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Mock Draft Open Thread

So in my travels around SB Nation I've noticed some mock drafts being posted.  Additionally, I learned that if we put a mock draft together we can get our picks posted over at the largest mock draft database on the web.

So rather than just throw something together on my own, I thought I'd throw this open to you the readers and see what people think.  If you have an idea about one player or want to post an entire first round draft throw it out there.  Some reasoning is welcome but if you just want to put together a list that's fine.  I'm going to put together my own thoughts and add it in today or tomorrow, but let's here what everyone else has to say.

[EDITOR'S UPDATE 9:40PM] - Here's what I've come up with myself (certainly harder than one would think). I want to submit something to the mock draft database by the end of the day on Tuesday so feel free to comment and let me know what you think is crazy and/or just plain stupid. I want this to be somewhat of a consensus on a Niners Nation mock draft. However, it's one mock out of a million, thus the reason I'm throwing this out there for only a day. My big question: Thoughts on if Griffin is to far down? I kept wanting to plug him in but thought of better options at various positions. Let me know your thoughts.

  1. Oakland - QB JaMarcus Russell - Could change to Calvin Johnson/Joe Thomas with Moss trade
  2. Detroit - QB Brady Quinn - Filled RB/O-Line needs - need someone to succeed Kitna
  3. Cleveland - RB Adrian Peterson - Will take some of Lewis's carries and take over in year 2
  4. Tampa Bay - WR Calvin Johnson - Plenty of needs, but CJ could give them an awesome weapon opposite Galloway
  5. Arizona - OL Joe Thomas - Would have to be happy to see him there
  6. Washington - DE Gaines Adams - Could use a pass rusher opposite Andre Carter and Adams seems to be the best of the bunch
  7. Minnesota - DE Jamaal Anderson - Could use a receiver but this is too high for any of the remaining receivers
  8. Atlanta - DT Alan Branch - They could really improve their pass rush here
  9. Miami - S LaRon Landry - The best talent on defense, an area they need to improve
  10. Houston - OT Levi Brown, PSU (If they keep David Carr, they definitely need someone to keep him off his ass - a candidate to trade down
  11. San Francisco 49ers - DT Amobi Okoye - His experience at such a young age makes him too tempting to pass over
  12. Buffalo - RB Marshawn Lynch - Need to replace McGahee…candidate to trade down if they think they can get Lynch later
  13. St. Louis - DE Adam Carriker - Had considered Willis, but they could use a hybrid over an inside linebacker
  14. Carolina - S Reggie Nelson - They could use some help across from Mike Minter
  15. Pittsburgh - DE/OLB Jarvis Moss - They need a replacement for Joey Porter
  16. Green Bay - CB Leon Hall - Both Arlen Harris and Charles Woodson are getting up there in age
  17. Jacksonville - WR Ted Ginn, Jr - They need someone to stretch the field and compliment Wilford and Matt Jones
  18. Cincinnati - LB Patrick Willis - They'd be happy to see Willis drop here and they could use linebacker help
  19. Tennessee - WR Dwayne Jarrett, USC - Fitting irony for Young to be throwing to Jarrett next year
  20. N.Y. Giants - LB Paul Posluszny - Someone needs to fill their void at linebacker and Posluszny just sounds like a football player
  21. Denver - DE Anthony Spencer - Their line is filled with former potential guys - time to get a youngster to push the veterans
  22. Dallas - CB Chris Houston - After loading up on offense, the time has come to improve the secondary
  23. Kansas City - WR Dwayne Bowe, LSU - After Bowe's Pro Day, the Chiefs hope he can be the future at WR for them
  24. New England - CB, Darrelle Revis - A couple months ago he was projected as a 49er…my how things change
  25. N.Y. Jets - WR Robert Meachem - They need someone to compliment Coles and Meachem could provide that
  26. Philadelphia - DB, Aaron Ross - Sheldon Brown is NOT the answer across from Lito Sheppard.
  27. New Orleans - DB Marcus McCauley - Secondary's been a problem - unless one of the bigger names falls to them McCauley is the choice
  28. New England - LB Jon Beason - He can develop to replace Vrabel or Bruschi
  29. Baltimore - G Ben Grubbs - The Ravens need tackle help, but Grubbs could potentially be converted
  30. San Diego - S Michael Griffin - I'm just thinking he'd be too much of a steal here for the Chargers
  31. Chicago - TE Greg Olsen - I like the idea of this a a value pick to eventually replace Desmond Clark
  32. Indianapolis - DT Justin Harrell - I'd thought safety, but good call on DT making more sense