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Sorry for the lack of 49er stuff the last few days.  The excitement of seeing my Runnin Rebels go from Bad Boy to cinderella has me somewhat distracted.  I'll be posting my mock draft in the thread below tonight and coming up with a composite to post on the main page.  

In the meantime, anybody else see how Nolan's trying to get pass interference rules changed?  Personally, I'm all for something like what he suggests.  I've never been a fan of the spot of the foul call (except when it helps the 49ers, right?).  I think that 15 yards is normally fine and if it is an egregious penalty it could then be spot of the foul.  You could almost make it like a face mask penalty.  There's a 5-yard and 15-yard penalty depending on the severity.  For PI it could be the same thing, only the smaller foul would be for 15 yards and a first down and a more egregious example would be spot of the play.  Thoughts?