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Why is Alan Branch dropping on draft boards?

Well, UNLV's season is over and I can finally get back to concentrating on what's important: 49ers FOOTBALL!  It's been relatively quiet (minus Anthony Adams haulin ass out of town, so really the draft is all there is to look at, NFL-wise.

Over at the World Wide Leader, Graham Bensinger posted an interview last week that he conducted with Alan Branch.  I mention this because as of late, Mel Kiper, Jr. has had Branch's draft stock dropping into the mid-teens and dropped him completely off his big board of prospects.  It's made me wonder why.  Maize N Brew is putting together a scouting report on Branch, but in the meantime, I'm curious what everyone here thinks about Branch, both positively and negatively and why you think Kiper would be dropping him.  Is it because of team needs?  Heck, he still has us taking Dwayne Jarrett, although the mock is 2 weeks old.

ESPN Insider has scouting reports on all draft prospects and had this to say about Branch's weaknesses:

Weaknesses: Lacks ideal explosiveness. He's quick for his size but lacks the speed and closing burst to consistently make an impact as a pass rusher in the NFL. He's mostly a one-dimensional bull rusher type. He needs to improve his arsenal of pass-rush moves. He has room to improve in terms of using his hands to play off of blocks. Durability is only a minor concern after missing two games due to a knee injury in 2005.

Mel Kiper is supposed to be the expert and yet he is going against what most everyone else is saying.  If it was a few late round spots that'd be one thing.  However, this is a high end option that I personally would LOVE to see the 49ers take.

So what does everyone else think?