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2007 SB Nation Mock Draft: Open Thread

[EDITOR'S UPDATE] - 3/29/07 8:25AM - The mock is underway. Here's the initial post at Field Gulls (with a pretty sweet logo as well). Feel free to throw in comments there as well. By the way, HOG'S HAVEN WANTS TO TRADE DOWN FROM THE 6TH SPOT. Thoughts on trade offers and what we would take there? Maybe we can make something like that happen. LET ME KNOW YOUR THOUGHTS!

[EDITOR'S NOTE] - I think the mock draft is starting in the next day or two. The central site will be Field Gulls, our Seahawks site, because they lack a first round pick and they're excellently written. So let's keep any ideas rolling - remember we're going 3 rounds with this

For the first time, the SB Nation football network will be putting together a 3-round mock draft starting later this week and lasting until roughly a week before the draft.  The network figured that we (meaning the writers AND our readers) are as on the ball when it comes to our NFL teams as anybody out there.  The first picks are planned for approximately March 28 and as picks come in, I'll plan on using this thread to update everyone.

There have been several threads open to discuss possible draft picks but I want to try and consolidate ideas here.  I had considered a poll but there are several options depending on who gets drafted where.  So throw out potential ideas including your first choice and potential contingency picks.  Trades will also be allowed, so if you have realistic ideas (such as trading up 3 or 4 spots or trading down in any of the 3 rounds), throw them out there.

More information to come.