WR landed-Ashley Lelie signs a 2 year deal

[EDITOR'S NOTE] - Thanks to gatling for picking up on this story. Ashely Lelie is a guy who has underachieved but has the potential to do big things. I'll get a scouting report put together on him in the coming days.

They don't have the contract details, but ESPN has Lelie inking a 2 year deal with the Niners.  I think this could work out well, if he can actually catch the damn ball.  He has the speed we need at the position, and maybe playing outside of the West Coast offense he can be better utilized.  What do you guys think?

[EDITOR'S UPDATE - 11:43AM] - Looks like the Cowboys are finalizing a deal with Leonard Davis, and it's expected to exceed the deals of guards Derrick Dockery (7 years, $49 million) and Eric Steinbach (7 years, $49.5 million). I'm fine with that considering he's been an underperformer. A big body's nice, but I thik I'll manage to survive.

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