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[EDITOR'S NOTE] - I've posted a table in the right column just below the UPDATED poll. Each name is linked to the story at Field Gulls or the story at the respective SB Nation site

In the mock draft 1.0 thread, nothinlikethetown made an excellent point about great defenses being built on the D-line:

Those teams are built on their D-lines

Pittsburgh: NT Casey Hampton 19th Overall 2001

Baltimore: NT Haloti Ngata 12th Overall 2006


New England: DE Richard Seymore 6th Overall 2001, NT Vince Wilfork 21st Overall 2004, DE Ty Warren 13th Overall 2003

San Diego Chargers: NT Jamal Williams 32nd Overall 1998, DE Luis Casrillo 28th Overall 2005, DE Igor Olhansky 35th Overall 2004

The best 3-4 schemes in football are as good as they are because they are anchored by top flight first round defensive linemen. "Space eaters" are first round picks. They are one of the most saught after things in the draft. Alan Branch is a "space eater."

I'm not saying that linebackers aren't important, or that Ray Lewis isn't the best defensive player in Baltimore. I am saying that I'd build a defense around Tommie Harris before Brian Urlacher. I'm saying that Willis doesn't do us much good if we don't have anyone to keep blockers off him and unfortunately, that is the weakest and thinnest part of our defense. I don't see how the niners can go any way other than DL in the 1st round.  

This would make either Branch or Okoye the type of guy we want to take in the first round.  I've read that Okoye is more of a 4-3 DT, but when a guy is 19 years old, I think he can be molded into a 3-4 DT.  Any thoughts on moving up a few spots to make sure we get Branch or Okoye?  I'm going to look into that because I really getting one of those big DTs would be key.

We're using the draft value chart as a guide for deals.  You figure Quinn and Adrian Peterson will go soon maybe trying to deal up to like #7?  We could look at Branch, Okoye or even Jamaal Anderson.  Thoughts?  I'll put some trade options together.