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My Bad: Welcome to some of our new sites

In my haste to get my own posts out, I've failed my fellow bloggers in forgetting to welcome some of the newest members of SB Nation, both in the NFL and other sports:

  • Big Blue View is dedicated to the team that has been part of 2 of the most memorable playoff games in 49ers history, the New York Giants. Big Blue View also completes NFC East lineup.
  • The Green Bay Packers are finally represented at Acme Packing Company, thus completing the NFC North blogs.
  • The Tampa Buccaneers are now represented at Buc 'Em.  It's been one hell of a first week for them with the Jake Plummer saga.
  • Finally, the AFC South becomes the first division of the AFC to fill up at SB Nation with Battle Red Blog, the Houston Texans new site.
  • Mixed Martial Arts has been one of the fastest rising sports in America.  And with that in mind, Bloody Elbow, has joined SB Nation.

So plenty of new reading material with which you can waste the day away.  And of course you know where to get your 49ers news.  You guys have helped make this a great site and I think we've got a great community developing.  For those just cruising the site, feel free to register using the link in the far right column. (it's free) and you can post comments and create diaries, virtually a blog within a blog.  The last few days have made it all the more exciting to be a 49ers fan and you've come to the right place.