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Lee offered 6 year, $7.1 million offer sheet

John Clayton is reporting on his Insider blog that the Steelers gave Andy Lee a 6 year, $7.1 million offer sheet.  There are apparently no poison pills in the deal and it will come down to how the team values Lee as a punter.  Personally, I think he's been a great punter and might very well be worth it.  I believe there was actually a game where Nolan gave him the game ball and a loss where was the team MVP of the game.  Thoughts?

[EDITOR'S NOTE 10:45AM] - Thanks to Call It The Throw for pointing out John Clayton's article on free agencies early winners and losers. YOUR San Francisco 49ers top the winners list.

[EDITOR'S NOTE 2:25PM] - Matt Maiocco has definitive salary numbers for Banta-Cain. Banta-Cain will get a $2.9M signing bonus, with a $500,000 roster bonus and a $100,000 workout bonus this year. The deal is worth $9M over 3 years, but could reach $12.25M if he reaches some sack incentives.