Fun Draft Speculation: Trading up to #2

[EDITOR'S NOTE 3:30PM] - I like to think of myself as a realistically optimistic fan when it comes to the 49ers. I like to think an Alan Branch will fall to us, but at the same time I stick with more realistic scenarios so as not to get my hopes up. Well, nostocksjustbonds put together a quality little diary with some fun draft speculation that actually isn't completely, insanely out of the realm of possibility. While not likely, it's not like he's suggesting we trade our 6th round pick for the #1 overall choice. So have at it and feel free to throw out ideas that might not happen, but would be pretty cool nonetheless. To quote Rick Pitino, "Calvin Johnson ain't walking through that door! Joe Thomas ain't walking through that door!" But what the hell, it's only a game right?


In his latest column/mock draft CNNSI's Don "The Douche" Banks speculates that with its recent moves, Detroit might be much more willing to trade out of the #2 spot:

My gut tells me the Lions want to deal downward and avoid this decision, but picking up Tatum Bell and George Foster makes no real sense to me if Adrian Peterson or Joe Thomas are your first-round objectives. If Quinn's stock ever was really dropping in the first place, his strong pro day workout Sunday should help it rebound.

Regardless of the fact that The Douche's "gut" is not actual knowledge or evidence that Detroit is contemplating such a move, I'd like to ponder whether the 49ers could be such a team to move up to that spot. If so, what would it take to get there?

I've mentioned before that I think it would probably take the #11 pick and probably next year's first rounder to move up that far. I'd also throw in one or two of our later round picks this year or next.

The bigger (and more fun) question is who would they take? It probably goes without saying that to trade up that far, they 49ers would have to know who they would pick at that spot.

  1. At first glance, it seems obvious: Calvin Johnson. The guy is supposed to be a bigger, faster, stronger, more talented Larry Fitzgerald(!) and we definitely need a WR. Imagine him and VD running routes for us the next 5+ years. Imagine the nightmares for opposing defensive coordinators. Heck, that combo could turn Alex Smith into a HOFer.
  2. On the other hand, we definitely need to shore up our offensive line. Kwame Harris just isn't cutting it. At that spot, Joe Thomas, the tackle from Wisconsin, looks pretty damn appealing. He could be a Jonathan Ogden type. Of course, first round OL picks don't alway pan out and Johnson seems more of a sure thing.
  3. I really don't think the 49ers would take Adrian Peterson because we have Gore, though more teams have been going to this 2-back system and I think that might be a good way to go. Gore takes a pounding because of his running style and Peterson is more a speed guy. I don't think Gore would like it, and we don't want him pissed off at us. Plus, it would seem to be a bit of a waste to make either of those guys part timers.
  4. I think the player the 49ers would love to get the most is Alan Branch, the DT from Michigan. He would fill a need, though we wouldn't need him to start right away. He's big enough to play nosetackle and in the 3-4, the NT is the most critical position on the D-Line. He could also spell BY and team up with Aubrayo Franklin to form a huge front. He could key our line for years. He's been projected to go to Washington at #6 in most drafts I've seen. If those other guys weren't available, he'd be a great pick at #2.
The Douche also speculated that Tampa would like to trade up to the #2 spot ahead of Cleveland to ensure they get Calvin Johnson. Perhaps a 3-way deal could happen, in which TB moves to the #2 spot, we get to the #4 spot and Detroit slides down to the #11 spot. I'm not sure how it would work, but at that point, we'd probably be deciding between Branch and Thomas.

There may be other scenarios to consider, but I'll leave it at that.

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