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2007 Schedule Release Day

The NFL will be announcing the full 2007 regular season schedule in the next 45 or so minutes.  While we don't know the dates yet, based on opponents 2006  winning percentage, the 49ers would have the third easiest schedule, while our neighbors in Oakland have the toughest schedule.  Part of that can certainly be explained by the division both teams are in.

We'll see how the schedules look and I'll post them here, but in the meantime we'll leave this as an open thread for schedule discussion.

[EDITOR'S UPDATE] - 10:30AM - The 49ers will be on Monday Night Football TWICE this year. The opening week doubleheader against Arizona and then November 12, Week 10 at Seattle. Additionally, we have back to back prime time games on Saturday December 15 and Sunday December 23. The respect is returning!

Monday September 10, 7:15pm - Arizona

Sunday September 16, 10am - @ St. Louis

Sunday September 23, 10:05am - @ Pittsburgh

Sunday September 30, 1:05pm - Seattle

Sunday October 7, 1:05pm - Baltimore


Sunday October 21, 10:05am - @ NY Giants

Sunday October 28, 1:15pm - New Orleans

Sunday November 4, 10:05am - @Atlanta

Monday November 12, 5:30pm - @Seattle

Sunday November 18, 1:15pm - St. Louis

Sunday November 25, 1:05pm - @Arizona

Sunday December 2, 10:05am - @Carolina

Sunday December 9, 1:05pm - Minnesota

Saturday December 15, 5:15pm - Cincinnati

Sunday December 23,5:15pm - Tampa Bay

Sunday December 30, 10:05am - @Cleveland

Thoughts? How about some early predictions? All schedules available at