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SBN Mock Draft: #42 pick

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With the 10th pick of the second round, the San Francisco 49ers select...

Sidney Rice, WR, University of South Carolina

I'll be the first to say that Jon Beason was tempting after he fell to us in the second round.  However further research proved why he would not be a good fit for the 49ers.  The switch to the 3-4 requires outside linebackers who can rush the passer and play the run and are bigger than 4-3 linebackers, something that our current OLBs fit into.  At 6 feet and 237 lbs, Beason is a little too small to fit into that role, while our rotation of Lawson, Banta-Cain, Haralson, Green and even Moore are all bigger bodies.  Additionally, Beason is projected out as the weakside, "Will" linebacker in the 4-3.

While Sidney Rice does not necessarily give the 49ers the game-breaking big play receiver every team wants, he does give them a big body to provide additional wide receiver depth.  A trio of Lelie, Battle and Rice, combined with Vernon Davis gives Alex Smith several weapons on top of 2006 leading receiver Frank Gore.  While I enjoy watching Frank Gore carry this offense, the 49ers will need some more balance from the passing game to take the next step.  Furthermore, if Lelie does not work out and is shown the door, it'd be nice to have a solid option to step in in 2008.