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Todd McShay 7-round mock draft

Proving that he is a man who loves his job, Todd McShay has rolled out a 7-round mock draft (Mr. Irrelevant: Clifton Dawson (RB) from Harvard to the Lions.

It's insider protected so I'll just post the 49ers picks here for discussion.

1.11 - Alan Branch, DT, Michigan

2.42 - Tim Crowder, DE, Texas

3.76 - Jacoby Jones, WR, Lane

3.97 - Ryan Harris, OT, Notre Dame

4.104 - (This HAS to be for Braekneck!) Michael Bush, RB, Louisville

4.110 - John Wendling, S, Wyoming

4.124 - H.B. Blades, ILB, Pittsburgh

4.135 - Aaron Rouse, S, Virginia Tech

5.147 - Clark Harris, TE, Rutgers

6.186 - Yamon Figurs, WR/RS, Kansas State

Thoughts?  If this was presented to me Sunday evening I'd be rather pleased.  It addresses various needs and presents some quality sleepers down the road.  I wonder if we go D-line back to back, but it's not something I would be opposed to and of course I certainly have no problem taking Michael Bush in the 4th round.