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Site Updates - SB Nation Draft, NFL Draft, Etc...

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You may or may not have noticed I deleted the first round draft results above the diaries.  I've made a change inspired by Pride of Detroit and their draft coverage.  On the left side of the page below the Niners Nation logo, you'll see a logo that was created for the SBN Mock Draft.  Below the logo is a link to a new page I've created.  There are some html issues I'm addressing, but in the meantime you can still see the table with all the current draft choices.

Over the next couple of days I'll be making some adjustments to the site as we prepare for the NFL Draft in 8 days.  Primarily I'll be setting up separate pages for each round of the draft.  This will make things easier and more streamlined come 8 days from now.

If you have any suggestions leading into the draft (or for anything else on the site), feel free to share them here.

[EDITOR'S UPDATE] - 10:50pm - HTML coding fixed so the page comes up normal. Also, I've figured out how to set it so you can click on the SBN Mock Draft logo and hop over to the Mock Draft page. Just all kinds of html excitement tonight...Enjoy.