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SBN Mock Draft Update

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[EDITOR'S UPDATE] 11:15AM - Things have slowed a little as teams are flooding the Houston Texans with trade offers, including BUFFALO, which makes me intrigued by what they're looking for. Maybe they think Houston is gonna grab a RB, so they want that spot? Not sure.

[EDITOR'S UPDATE] 9:30AM - Miami just selected Brady Quinn. So either Branch or Willis guaranteed to be there at 11. NEW POLL BEING POSTED TO REFLECT OUR OPTIONS.

I just wanted to update everyone on the mock draft and where we're at.  Atlanta just took LaRon Landry after Minnesota took Adrian Peterson.  So that leaves Miami and Houston left before the 49ers are on the clock.  If Quinn doesn't go, do we discuss trade options with other teams?  Right now it's a guarantee that several of the names we've discussed will be on the board so it officially becomes interesting.  I feel we're in a win-win situation but let's keep the suggestions coming.