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Round 3 Open Thread

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Alright folks, round 3 is underway with the Raiders on the clock.  We've got the 11th pick coming up (along with our comp pick).  We've been getting ideas on multiple threads but let's consolidate things here.  I'd expect to pick by tomorrow at the latest hopefully, as we're going to try and pick up the slack for this round to try and get it completed by next Thursday.

Having spoken with Saint from Silver and Black Pride, I can say for sure that he's taking Tank Tyler, so he's off the board.  Other than that, let's have it.  I've also posted a poll to the right.

[EDITOR'S UPDATE] - 9:20am I've updated the Mock Draft spreadsheet (link to the top left). The 3rd round so far:

65 Oakland Raiders Tank Tyler DT NC State

66 Detroit Lions Drew Stanton QB Michigan St

67 Cleveland Browns Ikaika Alama-Francis DE Hawaii

68 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Quinn Pitcock DT Ohio St

69 Arizona Cardinals Justin Durant LB Hampton

70 Denver Broncos (From WAS) Victor Abiamiri DE Notre Dame

71 Miami Dolphins Ryan Harris OT Notre Dame