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WIth the 76th overall pick, the 49ers select

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Stewart Bradley, LB, Nebraska

I was looking at several options with this pick and after looking at the rest of the round, I felt this was the best option that would also allow us to maximize our later pick with either a defensive or offensive lineman.

In spite of some injury issues, Bradley strikes me as a guy who could provide excellent depth for our linebacker corp. While he appears to be primarily an outside linebacker, it seems that he can also play inside, which would be huge for us. With the switch to the 3-4 we're going to need extra linebacker depth going into the 2007 season. Lawson, Banta-Cain, Moore and Smith are a solid starting group. However, Smith is on the downside of his career and Banta-Cain has never been an every down linebacker so the extra depth would be a big plus.

In real life we're all hoping Patrick Willis is taken in the first round. If that happens I don't know if this pick occurs. However, based on what we've done so far, linebacker needs to be addressed and I think Bradley is a fine addition to our defense.