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One of the best features of ESPN's Insider is a list of all links related to a given sports team be it professional or college.  Although they don't always get every link, they do a good job compiling stories.  

I had thought about posting some of these links for some discussion, but honestly, the lead up to the draft this Saturday is getting rather repetitive for the 49ers.  One of the drawbacks to being wide open to what the team can take is that there are fewer specific stories and more generalities.  In case you didn't know, the 49ers are looking to upgrade their defense, address their wide receiver depth and offensive line depth.  Shocking I know.  I NEVER would have guessed any of that.

Another Captain Obvious line came via 49ers VP of Player Personnel Scot McCloughan while talking about Gaines Adams: " 'You want big defensive linemen because they're the ones that are going to play throughout the season. Adam Carriker is like that as well.'   Michigan nose tackle Alan Branch could be another consideration for the 49ers at the top spot, along with inside linebacker Patrick Willis of Mississippi."

One could say these are the ramblings of a bored blogger.  In reality, it's simply pent-up excitement for the draft.  I can only handle so much Mel Kiper before my head explodes at the site of his well coiffed head and Chris Berman giving away pick after pick after pick.

What annoys you most about the lead up to the draft?  Maybe it's hearing how the 49ers are going to draft 10 different guys at the 11 spot.  Or maybe we're going to trade up, trade down or abandon our pick all at the same time.  Mel Kiper knows all right?

In the meantime, how about a little humor to take our minds off the 49ers for one day?  It's draft-related, but unless you're a Jets fan, how can you not enjoy the video below?  The best part of it?  Oh that's an easy one.

Pete Rozelle: "NY Jet's first round selection...Fullback..."

Pick your fan: "OHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"