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Mock Draft Update

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The mock draft is back to picking up some steam as Niners Nation mascot Paul Soliai went to Seattle and John Wendling (Wyoming safety) went to Denver.  At first I was a little surprised at the Wendling pick, as many mock drafts had him going in the 4th round or later.  However, upon further review, I realized the Broncos lack a 4th round AND 5th round pick.  Clearly it'd be hard to trade into the 4th round without a 5th rounder this year, so if there's a guy you want, sometimes you just have to reach for them.

In the meantime, I've thrown up a poll with some options for our compensatory pick later this round.  With 10 picks to go until ours, it's time to hammer out a clear idea of who we want.  Thus far, the discussion has centered primarily around defensive tackles and offensive lineman.  With Soliai gone I threw up some of the usual suspects.  In addition, I added some intriguing options I had not considered before.

Lorenzo Booker, RB, Florida State - Booker is a relatively small guy but could be worth a gamble late in the 3rd. He's not Michael Bush, but he could certainly be a wildcard option as a backup to Gore. While we'll have Hicks back, I'd like to look at other options to team up with Robinson as backups to Gore.  Another running back option here could be Brandon Jackson, if we wanted to continue this run of Nebraska players!

On Booker:

Booker has never proven capable of being the premier back in college and he clearly lacks the size and strength to handle a full load at the next level. However, Booker's versatility remains his greatest asset. He possesses the speed, elusiveness and hands to contribute as a third-down back and return specialist in the NFL, which is why he could still come off the board late on Day 1 despite failing to live up to expectations at Florida State.

On Jackson:

Jackson's biggest weakness is his lack of experience. He will need to improve his bulk and strength in order to hold up as a premier back in the NFL, and he also lacks elite top-end speed. However, Jackson is an instinctive, shifty and tough runner with the size-potential to emerge as a good starter in a zone-blocking scheme. In our opinion, Jackson is one of the more underrated prospects in the 2007 class and he could become a steal from the second-or-third round range of the 2007 draft.
Scott Chandler, TE, Iowa - He sounds like a "nice guy," who might not have the mean streak necessary to turn into a smash mouthed blocker.  He actually reminds me a lot of Eric Johnson, as he's a WR converted to tight end.  Although he really intrigues me as a prospect, I also think he'll be around in the 4th round.  ESPN Insider had the following to say:
A former wide receiver, Chandler is a developmental tight end prospect with some intriguing upside. He shows good athleticism, ball skills and run-after-catch ability as a receiver, but he lacks ideal speed to consistently stretch the field at the next level. More concerning is the fact that Chandler lacks the strength and toughness to adequately match up as an in-line blocker in the NFL. Chandler grades out as a late-first day prospect in a weak 2007 class of tight ends.

Fred Bennett - He had shoulder surgery which has been an issue and might be a guy we could grab in the 4th or 5th round.  However, you can never have too many corners in a division absolutely loaded with wide receivers.  Additionally, he can play a little free safety as needed (although he's a little undersized for it), so he could provide some flexible depth.  Ironically enough, at New Era Scouting, the player he reminds them of? Ahmed Plummer.  Could make for good upside, BAD downside.

Thoughts on some of these guys?