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2007 NFL Draft - Day 1 (Part 2)

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5:55 pm - WE'VE OPENED UP A NEW THREAD, so see you there.

Philadelphia Eagles - Victor Abiamiri, DE, Notre Dame - I don't like Notre Dame, so there. He'll learn a lot from Jevon Kearse, that's for sure.

Denver Broncos - Tim Crowder, DE, Texas - Excellent pick in my opinion. Adding Crowder and Jarvis Moss is a very solid couple of picks for the Broncos. And Moss is a guy they could roll out OLB in some instances.

Seattle Seahawks - Josh Wilson, CB, Maryland - I can't stand Maryland sports (a long story) so I say they should have taken Marcu McCauley!

5:42 - For those watching the ESPN coverage: Did you know Jerry Jones is committed to giving TO his roster bonus? I think I've seen that about 10 times now, at least...It's like watching ESPNNews for a several hours.

5:40 - I totally agree with Kiper about Leonard and his versatility. He seems to be an all-around talent that would have gone high in the first round if he was at a bigger name school. Maybe Mort's right and St. Louis had bigger needs, but they are getting a singularly unique talent for their offense.

Kansas City Chiefs - Turk McBride, DE, Tennessee - A solid talent, but I felt like there were some better defensive ends out there the Chiefs could have gone with.

Cleveland Browns - Eric Wright, CB, UNLV - He had character issues, but he's a solid talent who ended up at UNLV as a transfer from USC. I caught some UNLV football this year and he was by far the lone highlight in an otherwise ugly season in Las Vegas.

5:25 - It's unbelievable how many trades have taken place today. We just had another as the Browns dealt for the Cowboys pick. Maybe the Browns figure there's nothing to be had later, let's get everything we need early and go home. and apparently the Browns and Cowboys work well together.

St. Louis Rams - Brian Leonard FB/RB, Rutgers - Leonard's a solid back and I'm curious to see how the Rams work him in with Stephen Jackson. Could make for an interesting alternative.

5:20 - So Keyshawn thinks Plaxico is not a good mentor for a young receiver? And he is for Jarrett? Pot meet kettle...kettle meet pot!

5:18 - WOW...The Raiders just acquired Josh McCown AND Mike Williams from Detroit. I'm assuming McCown is the guy to start and Russell is developed a little more slowly. I'm curious to see what they ended up giving up for these guys. Very interesting indeed.

New York Giants - Steve Smith, WR, USC - Definitely gives them a big-bodies guy. I'm curious to see how his career plays out compared to Dwayne Jarrett. They're both Keyshawn boys, so that's good to know.

Tennessee Titans - Chris Henry, RB, Arizona

Cincinnati Bengals - Kenny Irons, RB, Auburn

5:14 - Eli Manning is such a little punk. Waaaaaaaaa, I don't wanna play in San Diego...Waaaaaaaaaaaa....whatever.

5:10 - Seems like picks are coming a little more quickly, although compared to the first round it's easy to see that. There is definitely some quality talent still out there. Kalil and Smith from USC are talented, Tim Crowder is a quality DE, some decent DB options. The second round has been a mixed bag of picks, thanks in party to some surprises in the first.

5:05 - SWEET - Jaws is in the house baby!

5:02 - In their opening preview, ESPN2 showed Troy Smith first. Why, oh why? Does anyone here think we grab a QB late in the draft just to bring along as a 3rd stringer behind Smith and Dilfer? And if so, anybody think we try and grab Troy Smith?

4:59 - We're finally about to make the switch over the ESPN2. This bad boy is dragging on, that's for sure. Just my luck that the year I live-blog the draft is the longest draft EVER. Steve Young isn't moving to the deuce...why can't they get rid of Keyshawn too?

Jacksonville Jaguars - Justin Durant, LB, Hampton - I've heard great things about this guy, especially considering he's coming from below D-1. I don't buy into that kind of argument. When you're talented, you're talented, nuff said.

4:45 - How young is the Mike Tomlin? He certainly looks pretty young. Anyways, some updated picks:

Steelers - Lamarr Woodley, DE, Michigan

Jets (from GB) - David Harris, LB, Michigan

4:42 - For those who didn't see it yet, we're getting the Colts 4th rounder this year and a first rounder next year. I'm a fan. We can still get plenty in the 3rd and 4th rounds.

4:35 - MeShawn really living up to his nickname. Apparently he's gonna teach Dwayne Jarrett everything he needs to know. Keyshawn sucks.

Carolina Panthers - Dwayne Jarrett, WR, USC - Anybody else find it INCREDIBLY ironic that Keyshawn told Jarrett to stay in school and now they're teammates in Carolina????

Minnesota Vikings - Sidney Rice, WR, South Carolina - They just showed Dwayne Jarrett waiting to hear from someone...Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock.

4:28 - 10 trades and we're not even halfway through the 2nd round? You've GOT to be kidding me!

Detroit Lions - Drew Stanton, QB, Michigan State - Well Pride of Detroit nailed it in the mock! They need a QB and why not take a hometown selection, right?

Indianapolis Colts - Tony Ugoh, OT, Arkansas - No need for more body to protect Manning and create holes for Addai. Oh good news, Ugoh set the school discus record. I smell Pro Bowl.

4:23 - Considering the Colts had no 2nd rounder, we had to have gotten something decent out of this. Very curious.

4:18 - And it's called. 49ers deal with the Colts...Curious to see what we get

4:12 - Kiper just called Beck a gym rat also...Unbelievable...Did anybody see that coverage from Cam Cameron's press conference? He had to stop a lynch mob. WOW!

4:10 - Michael Smith just called beck a "gym rat." TAKE A SHOT!

Miami Dolphins - John Beck, QB, BYU - Obviously they get their QB, but he seems to be a guy who didn't climb until recently. I never trust a guy who is a late climber.

Atlanta Falcons - Justin Blalock, G, Texas - I like it here. Blalock is a great guard you can build around. As for us, well there is going to a couple receivers we've discussed, maybe Chris Houston who's dropped a little, Tim Crowder the defensive linemen?

4:02 - San Diego clearly REALLY wanted Weddle and was willing to pony up the picks to make it happen. Is it his versatility that makes him so valuable to them?

Oakland Raiders - Zach Miller, TE, Arizona State - Well I know Saint really wanted Miller in the 2nd round. Well he wanted Miller and/or Blalock, so I guess he's gotta be happy.

3:56 - Eagle fans are still pissed they didn't take Ricky Williams.

Just heard Mort say, "Listen to this trade," as ESPN went off the air...hmmmm...

3:52 - Mort telling us Kolb's a gym rat. Well thank goodness for that. Gym rat is the new upside! Really, I'm just glad we got to here Eagles fans get pissy over a pick. Good times for all.

Philadelphia Eagles - Kevin Kolb, QB Houston - Well Chris Berman's right, that's a helluva curveball by the Eagles. Kiper just compared him to Kyle Boller, which CAN NOT be a good thing.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Arron Sears, G, Tennessee - He certainly is a guy they can plug into their o-line and build from there for the future. I'm guessing the 49ers still look into also taking a guard late since Larry Allen isn't playing forever.

3:40 - Maybe we can finally get this draft going a little quicker. We're down to 10 minutes per pick right? I rewound my Tivo and TB started around 8ish minutes so who the hell knows.

Buffalo Bills - Paul Posluszny, LB, Penn State - I'm guessing they saw him there and decided they had to get him (thus the deal with Detroit for the pick). That's a great value in the second round.

Arizona Cardinals - Alan Branch, DT, Michigan - And so as Berman and Belichik jabber on, Branch has finally come off the board. Clearly the Cardinals were psyched he was there for them and made their move. No word on what was involved in the deal.

3:27 - So the Raiders traded with Arizona. Interesting to see what the Cardinals want to grab there.

3:25 - So the sitemeter down at the bottom includes how many visitors we've had today. Additionally, they have a map to see where visitors are coming from. I'd like to welcome our visitors from the Phillipines, Belgium and the United Kingdom. Always a pleasure when 49ers fans around the world join in the fun!

Indianapolis Colts - Anthony Gonzalez, WR, Ohio State - Well, definitely another interesting selection. He's a good wide receiver, but I would think they might have some other areas they might address first. Of course you can never have enough good wide receivers and maybe Gonzalez can work with Harrison and be his eventual successor. But what do I know after the longest first round in draft history?

3:19 - Looking at what's on the board (just using ESPN's Insider board), here's their top 10 (so take it with a grain of salt): Branch, Posluszny, Kalil, Houston, Jarrett, David Harris, Anthony Gonzalez, Justin Blalock, Eric Wright, Steve Smith

3:15 - The Colts had been projected to maybe take Justin Harrell. Do THEY end the slide and take Alan Branch? They've got some really great options that has to have them pleased.

Chicago Bears - Greg Olsen, TE, Miami, Fl - Well needless to say, this appeared to be as obvious a pick as the 49ers taking Willis when he was there at 11. If Grossman is the guy for the Bears, maybe this will give him a good pass-catching weapon. I'm a big fan of pass-catching TEs and think Olsen will help Grossman.

3:07 - From Maiocco's blog: "Staley said O-line coach George Warhop told him to get ready to get in a right-hand stance. Looks like he's penciled in to compete at right tackle." Kwame, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

3:03 - Ok Keyshawn, while Jarrett might be a better receiver a year from now, he'll still be considered a "scheme receiver," won't he???? Shut your pie-hole.

San Diego Chargers - Craig Davis, WR, LSU - Well he certainly cashed in. As I recall, he was projected in the 2nd and 3rd round. Chargers need WR help, but I would think there are better options.

2:55 - I thought I could make it the entire first round without a shot of Drew Rosenhaus. Not so lucky. The food I almost spit up earlier I almost threw up just now.

And my new favorite commercial: TJ Who's your mama...put him on the board, Howshamazilly..Championship!

2:52 - San Diego make it to the Super Bowl with Norv Turner? I almost spit up my food when they suggested that.

2:45 - Keyhawn Johnson is A MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a dumbass.

Here's the New Era Scouting report on Joe Staley.

2:40 - Apparently we gave up our #110 (4th round) this year and first rounder next year. So if we do deal away Kwame we still have Adam Snyder at the tackle position. The one thing to hope is that if we make the playoffs, that #1 loses some value.

With the 28th overall pick, the 49ers select:



2:30 - There has been a lot of discussion about Dwayne Jarrett on this website. His stock has plummeted over the last 3 months but I have to admit that drafting him is still a guilty pleasure for me. Yea, he ran a slow 40 and there are some other questions marks, but I think I'm a sucker for a big-bodied receiver. I think he goes by the end of Round 1, but it's still a thought.

2:25 - In regards to Branch, I'm definitely a fan and think he could bounce back from the workout issues (who knows what's up with those shin splint stories). However, I think we could get a solid defensive tackle later in the draft (someone like Soliai). We're hoping for a draft pick closer to the end of the first round, but there are always some great talents around there. I'm just not a fan of dealing future #1s because of the question marks around those picks.

New Orleans Saints - Robert Meachem, WR, Tennessee - Mort and Berman sound surprised, but why worry about defense if you can just outscore everybody, right?

2:16 - Did Steve Young really use resurgence as a verb (resurgenced?)????

2:13 - pepper and onion pizza...good stuff....Here are the latest picks:

Carolina - Jon Beason, LB, Miami

Dallas (pick acquired from Philly) - Anthony Spencer, DE, Purdue

And gatling, I'll answer your question in a few minutes.

New England Patriots - Brandon Meriweather, S, Miami - I like Meriweather and think he's going to put together a solid career. I'm intrigued by the safety playing on the corner stuff, so we'll see how it works out.

Time to grab some lunch...I'm gonna pick up a pizza and be back shortly...In the meantime, remember you can check out current results here at Niners Nation.

1:35 - He "looks good in a uniform." Give me a break. That's such a bad cliche. Mayock continues to bug me...Back to ESPN for now.

Kansas City - Dwayne Bowe, WR, LSU - Not surprised AT ALL. People were projecting Ted Ginn there, but obviously that changed today. KC has struggled to compliment Tony Gonzalez with a real WR, so we'll see if Bowe is the answer.

1:24 - Losing out on $25 million? That's a whole lot of coin. Of course I think he'll do ok for himself with late first round money.

Anybody else intrigued by these fat head things? I want one of a punter!

1:22 - I will admit a second rounder and next year's first is a steep price. Of course they'll sell plenty of tickets so I think that will make ownership feel a little better. Cleveland has some serious talent on offense in Winslow and Edwards. They need to pick up a running back, but there are some later options for that (maybe Bush, Braekneck?).

1:20 I decided to open up a new thread since things were filling up in the prior thread.  This will take us through Round 2 I'm guessing.  Mariucci is making a good point: You pay what you have to to get the guy you want.  I'm not a big Quinn fan, but good for him.