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2007 NFL Draft - Day 1 (Part 3)

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8:20 - Well I'll have to say is GOD DAMN. That was quite the marathon and definitely not a sprint. 11 hours and 17 minutes and we're finally done with the first 3 rounds. I appreciate everyone who hung out and visited today. Prior to today we'd average about 500+ visitors a day to Niners Nation. Today? Over 4,500 unique visitors partook in draft day festivities.

With Day 1 complete, I now need to get away from anything football related. I'll get a thread open tonight and I expect to be up in time to start with the Round 4 at 8pacific/11 eastern tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, preliminary thoughts? I'm very happy with the 49ers first day. We got our guy in Willis, we did some dealing, we got a solid defensive lineman, a receiver with upside and an offensive lineman that could anchor our line for the next decade. And if they're all gym rats, ALL THE BETTER.

Not sure if I'll get a more recap in tonight or sometime tomorrow as I'm totally spent on football. We'll see, but either way, we'll see you back here bright and early tomorrow morning. With 4 picks in the 4th round, it's a big morning for us. See you then.

With the 97th pick, the 49ers select:

Ray McDonald, DE, Florida

Ray McDonald scouting report.

8:11 - Maybe Ray McDonald? Soliai? Beekman for some o-line depth? We shall see.

8:09 - Well we're almost back on the clock as the 3rd round winds down. 11 hours since Goodell opened the draft and we're still alive and kickin...Some of us are a few sheets to the wind and some of us are just plain exhausted. But we've got several options at the 97th pick. Very intrigued to see with whom they go.

8:01 - Yes Zabransky just wins...but Boomer, so did Ken Dorsey and sometimes that kind of thing doesn't work...although I'd love to see us draft Zabransky.

7:58 - A loose knee? That can't feel good. Definitely want to try and avoid that.

Oakland Raiders - Mario Henderson, OT, Florida St - And one more trade....And it looks like Trent Edwards is going soon. Maybe my Chicago prediction? Ok, never mind that Buffalo Bills...Interesting.

7:55 - If you're Chicago, do you take Trent Edwards with one of your 3rd round picks??? Hmmmmmm

7:50pm - I'm not expecting it to happen, but I jumped on the Jay Moore bandwagon back in January and he could be hanging around in the 4th...He's a defensive end who looks to convert to OLB in the 3-4...He could provide possible depth there for us...I'm just saying....

Consider the draft starts at 8am tomorrow, I'll open a thread tonight and we'll see if I'm up in time for the first picks. The 4th is of course to the 49ers with 4 selections, so I definitely want to try and be up.

7:45 Kiper giving us a Terry Fair reference...That picked worked out REAL well for Detroit.

7:44 - Tank Tyler, assault on a police officer? Niiiiice. Good call Herm.

7:40 - So no Bradley and no Yanda for me as Baltimore deals up. I liked both those guys and think they could have made solid contributions.

7:38 - Jason Hill's college numbers:

Sophomore - 45 rec, 1007 yards, 12 TDs

Junior - 62 rec, 1097 yards, 13 TDs

Senior - 41 rec, 600 yards, 7 TDs

If the stuff with his mom affected him his senior year and you throw that out, th first two years a very solid body of work.

7:35 - Well Stewart Bradley, my mock draft pick is still out there. There are some better options, but I always like feeling extra smart.

Gotta love them giving crap to Sean Salisbury.

Seattle Seahawks - Brandon Mebane, DT, California

7:30 - I agree on the Charles Johnson pick up. St. Louis just took Jonathan Wade, CB, Tennessee. Hard to analyze guys after 10+ hours, that's for sure.

7:20 - "We've got him doing everything we want him to do, football-wise...We've gotta take care of the issues off of the field." Really? Ya think? Petrino really avoiding the question.

7:18 - Mort saying we might have a steal...Hill had a great junior year, but his senior year his mom was sick and he was spending a lot of time with her and put on some weight.

7:15: - It's easy to get yourself psyched about a player on draft day, so even though I'm intrigued by Hill, I'll certainly take it with a grain of salt, considering the mid round WR busts we've had in the recent past. I'll give him a chance though and see how he develops in our offense.

7:10pm - Here's the New Era Scouting report on Jason Hill. Ironically they say he most compares to Darrell Jackson, so take that for what it's worth.

With the 76th overall pick, the San Francisco 49ers select:

Jason Hill, WR, Washington State

He was a guy people clamored for here and now we've got him. If we do get DJax this gives us excellent WR depth going into 2007.

Atlanta Falcons - Laurent Robinson, WR, Illinois Sate - ISU, Home of the Redbirds Baby! We're back on the clock. VERY intrigued.

7:02 - They were joking about checking out Pop Warner tape, but I really think that's Mel Kiper's next step...gotta stay one step ahead of the competition so I eagerly await Kiper breaking down the tape of an 8 year old.

And Brad Childress looks a college professor.

7:00 - Adrian Peterson brings the pain? Maybe his pain from the busted collar bone. It's a good pick for Minnesota, but the inuries HAVE to be a concern.

Houston Texans - Marcus McCauley, CB, Fresno State - I'm a fan of Fresno State football, so go Texans pick. And Kiper just said maybe he had senioritis which caused him to struggle this year...Nice...But is he a gym rat??

Minnesota Vikings - Marcus McCauley, CB, Fresno State - 2nd round talent in the 3rd round? That's always a good thing.

Miami Dolphins - Lorenzo Booker, RB, Florida State - Apparently Ronnie Brown and Ricky 420 aren't enough. Definitely gives them solid depth at the running back position.

Denver Broncos - Ryan Harris, OT, Notre Dame - I actually like this one...Good lineman and quality pick at this point (I'll try and come up with some other cliches, otherwise it'll be a really long day tomorrow).

6:50 - Yes Ben Roethlisberger, you ARE a fathead! Dumbass.

Quincy Black to TB, Buster Davis to Arizona. 6:48 - With picks coming in a lot more frequently, I'm update the results page and I'll let you guys keep posting picks within the thread. I'll throw out some of the picks as I get time.

And Mooch, I too wanna know what tightly wound is and also "getting through the garbage."

Dallas Cowboys - James Marten, OT, Boston College - Can always use big lineman...And I'm sure John Madden likes the pick...BOOM!

6:38 - Good news, Jerry Jones is committed to paying TO his $3 million roster bonus in June...glad they cleared that up.

New Orleans Saints - Usama Young, CB, Kent State - Huh? Sorry, don't know much about young Usama, although Mayock just told me he was the first guy NOT invited to the combine to get drafted. Good times.

6:36 - So Mooch's doing double duty? ESPN in the morning, NFL Network at night? Something's gotta pay the bills I suppose.

Oakland Raiders - Quentin Moses, DE, Georgia - There defense was quite solid last year and Moses will only improve it.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Sabby Piscitelli, S, Oregon State - Thank the lord, we're into the 3rd round. And I'm definitely a fan of that name...

6:25 - So Baseball Tonight is scheduled for 7pm...since the 3rd round won't be done, will the coverage keep on going on ESPN2? I'd assume so, but who knows what the World Wide Leader will do.

Green Bay Packers - Brandon Jackson, RB, Nebraska - Couldn't get Marshawn, so the Packers wait a little longer and grab the Cornhusker. I like this for the Packers. They need to boost the running game and this will help with that.

6:22 - How much money did Jaws just make for calling it the DirecTV breakdown? That's amazing.

6:20 - I think that Edwards would be rather pissy if he dropped to the 6th round or whatever. Big difference between him and Brady/Warner/etc on draft day!

Chicago Bears - Dan Bazuin, DE, Central Michigan - So that's 2 Chippewas. Can you really intimdate your opponents when you're playing for the Central Michigan Chippewas? Just a thought.

6:17 - We're rolling towards the end of Round 2, so a pair of 49ers picks coming up. Will Braekneck take 49ers headquarters hostage and demand Michael Bush? I just don't see Bush being around in round 4. Right now I'd say our needs are 1) all along the defensive line, 2) WR, 3)outside linebacker. We have other depth needs, but I think those are the top 3.

Detroit Lions - Gerald Alexander, S, Boise State - Apparently Matt Millen is pulling the old, "shiny penny, shiny penny." If you keep trading picks and players you distract the fans long enough. If I was ownership (and hadn't fired Millen yet), this would be his last chance season.

Miami Dolphins - Samson Satele, C, Hawaii - Someone's gonna have to help keep Trent Green off his butt if that trade every happens. A big Hawaiian dude has to be good for that.

6:05 - I mentioned I liked the Lions draft, but I really like the Panthers draft. They get a great linebacker, a receiver who could be really solid and a center in Kalil that fell right into their laps. And Keyshawn's gonna turn them all into football players because he's the BEST!

Carolina Panthers - Ryan Kalil, C, USC - Andy Reid was just on and I definitely am amused by him. Lame jokes and funny looking...good combination. And so far I LOVE the Panthers draft. Beason, Jarrett and Kalil? ALL first round type talents.

Detroit - Ikaika Alma-Francis, DE, Hawaii

5:59 - So Astrive says I can get a loan to pay back after college? Isn't that how most college loans work? Tooooo many commercials.

5:55 - Welcome to Part 3 in our run through 3 rounds.  So Detroit trades for New Orleans 2nd rounder and picks, Ikaika Alma-Francis, DE, Hawaii.  Got the offense, time to address defense.  I think the Lions could actually be decent next year...not great, not good, but decent.