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2007 NFL Draft - Day 1

1:17 And SO IT HAPPENS. The Browns just dealt up for Dallas's pick to get Brady Quinn. Mayock is blasting them because of the draft chart, but sometimes you just have to pull this trigger!

1:13 - Does everyone really think Quinn referred to Deion as "Prime?" Deion's trying too hard.

1:10 - What does everyone think about dealing a future #1 as Cleveland apparently is looking to do? In the case of a Brady Quinn, maybe it's what you want to do, but when you're a bad team it's a tough call. For a team that expects to have a late first rounder it would make a lot of sense. Just something I'm chewing over.

1:08 - Hmmm...When Steve Young is doing half time shows during games he seems to know his stuff...I'm not feeling it for his draft coverage.

Jacksonville Jaguars - Reggie Nelson, S, Florida - Just a very solid pick here. It seemed like Nelson was the consensus #2 safety behind Landry. Jacksonville getting a real player here.

1:00 - Apparently we need to move someone from Tyler, Texas UP our draft board. Glad Berman brought that to our attention. Although I'm sure Nolan and Co. knew that already.

New York Giants - Aaron Ross, CB, Texas - The important question here, who was that big dude with the little blue football and the blue paint on his face???

12:53 - I just saw the montage where Brady Quinn mouthed, "That's surprising." Think it was the Ginn pick, or something else? I don't remember seeing that.

Tennessee Titans - Michael Griffin, S, Texas - As I recall, many mocks had Griffin dropping later in the first round, but he's clearly a great talent for the Titans. Although he's not a corner like Pac Man, they need some additional secondary depth with Pac Man out for the year. Good point in the thread about Reggie Nelson...I had briefly forgotten about him.

12:48 - I really don't like the Red Sox, but I love the Ortiz ESPN commercial with him trying on the Yankees cap. And always a fan of the Mike & Mike commercials.

12:44 - Obviously Quinn dropping is a bigger story than Branch dropping. However, I think somebody's gonna get a steal late in the first round if they can land Branch. There are some issues to address but he's clearly got top 10 talent.

Cincinnati Bengals - Leon Hall, CB, Michigan - Another guy who was projected around our pick earlier in the offseason. As they've said, he struggled against Ginn and Jarrett, so it makes you wonder how he'll handle NFL talent on an every day basis.

12:35 - Michael Smith on Marshawn Lynch, "He was a big deal in Oakland."

"I don't know how to put this, but I'm kind of a big deal."

12:32 - So as Berman said, we're 3.5 hours into this thing. This is officially the longest stretch of the draft I've ever watched. My descent into madness is only just beginning. Just to mix it up (as posted within), the Sharks are beating Detroit 2-0. Going up 2-0 on the road is pretty huge. Home ice always seems to big in hockey and yet the Sharks are dominating the Red Wings. Wish I had put money down on the Sharks when I had a shot at 15-1 to win the Cup.

Denver Broncos - Jarvis Moss, DE, Florida - There was a time when he was projected up around the 49ers and has since seen his stock drop just a little bit. I figured Branch would be their guy here, but I guess that just goes to show the draft day shenanigans and smoke and mirrors.

12:25 - Denver just traded up with the Jaguars. Branch probably their guy there?

12:17 - Steve Young and Keyshawn are KILLING me. Kiper is straightening them out. You have two offensive players who think they should take a WR. We've discussed the disparity in receivers after Calvin Johnson. Apparently Young and Keyshawn do NOT read Niners Nation.

Green Bay Packers - Justin Harrell, Tennessee - Well that seems like a reach, but he's certainly a good tackle. And do you think that 8 year old in GB that was booing knows who the hell Harrell even is???

12:10 - While it's true Quinn's acting mature, do you really expect him to go crazy in front of the camera? Really? I'm sure the minute Miami passed over him, his agent and PR people were making sure he was gonna be ready to drop and be ready for the camera.

12:07 - You know life might be rough for Brady Quinn, but he's got Suzy Kolber running around trying to find him so life can't be all that bad, can it???

12:02 - Well the Steelers have certainly hit pretty damn well with their first round picks. No Reggie McGrew's in that group!

Pittsburgh Steelers - Lawrence Timmons, Slorida State - Clearly they had a great need for linebacker help with Porter leaving (watch me as I parrot the "experts"). Timmons looked good throughout the year on a rather mediocre FSU team (horrible offense, great defense).

High Noon - Mort reporting that the Browns are trying to get back into the first round to get Quinn. If they pulled that off they'd have to be pleased. Makes sense if they can get back for a reasonable offer.

New York Jets (acquired from Carolina) - Darrelle Revis, Pittsburgh - I kinda wanted to hear some crazy Jets booing. I hear good things about Revis. The Jets certainly need some help in the secondary.11:45 - What the hell just happened??? Just heard a big roar from the crowd. Carolina just traded with the Jets (Carolina 1st and 6th for NYJ 1st, 2nd and 5th). Do the Jets go corner back or Quinn??? ESPN's trying to force Hall and Revis down are throats.

11:44 - Character from Carriker?!?!?! That wasn't on the drinking list, but I think we all just died a little inside with that one.

St. Louis Rams - Adam Carriker, Nebraska - Not a surprising pick really. I really think Carriker will be a solid pro, but he's definitely a blah pick without a ton of upside. He'll be solid thought.

11:37 - Thoughts on Brady Quinn getting moved behind the commish's curtain? Goodell is not messing around as commish in exerting his authority, that's for sure.

11:35 - Character Issues? Lynch had some question marks but all I've heard out here in the Bay Area is that he really is a good person. This is no Lawrence Phillips. He's gonna freeze his ass off in Buffalo but he's a great pick from Buffalo.

Buffalo Bills - Marshawn Lynch, California - This doesn't surprise me at all. They needed a running back (The A-Train was NOT gonna cut it) and Lynch is an absolute playmaker. I saw all of his games the last 2 years and he is just filthy.

11:25 - Check out this quote from Mile High Report: "Another couple of years and the Niners are going to be SCARY!!!" A couple of years? I don't think so my friends. We're a playoff team next year, a legit threat to win the conference in 2008.

11:22 - If as they say he plays 10 years and goes to Pro bowls I will be quite the happy camper. I LOVE our linebacking corp. Talk about a totally revamped 49ers defense. Our friends at New Era Scouting have a thorough scouting report on Willis

With the 11th overall pick, the San Francisco 49ers select:


Patrick Willis Niners Nation Scouting Report

11:15 - I think Okoye would bust past Mark May and make him look foolish.

11:12 - Sorry Mark May, Amobi Okoye is going to be a beast in this league. Maybe he'll struggle a little his first year, but after one year in the league I guarantee he'll quickly begin the transition to absolute stud.

11:08 - Tick Tock! Tick Tock! Tick Tock! Let's stop discussing the marijuana story and start talking about who we're taking. Whomever we take, I'll get New Era Scouting's report and the Niners Nation Scouting Report up.

Houston Texans - Amobi Okoye, Louisville - All that matters? PATRICK WILLIS IS THERE FOR THE TAKING! We are absolutely in the drivers seat. And yes I think this is a solid pick for Houston, but I'm a little more excited that we are right where we want to be!

11:04 From Maiocco:

Jackson must pass a physical, then the 49ers and Seahawks would have to agree to trade terms before the deal becomes official.
11:02 - EXCELLENT point by Call It The Throw. If this is a bogus offer from Seattle to screw us I'd be pretty pissed. If they leave this deal out there and we pass up on a Sidney Rice and Steve Smith or whomever and then DJax falls through, the rivalry would certainly increase with the Seahawks.

10:58 - The good news for Quinn is that barring an unbelievable drop into the top of the 2nd round, he's going to go to a team that's a hell of a lot closer to the playoffs than many others. From The Phinsider:

1:55 pm: I'm so angry!! This is terrible!!! How do you pass on Brady Quinn?????? I'm speechless right now. Ted Ginn better be the next coming of Steve Smith because that's the only way you pass on Quinn.
10:55 - Well that throws things for a loop. Houston is in the driver's seat to make a trade. The Broncos could trade up for Branch or Willis, SEVERAL teams could trade up for Quinn....Of course teams know that plenty of teams will pass on Quinn with no trades. I think The Phinsider may melt down. He hasn't said anything since the pick, so hopefully he hasn't jumped out a window.

Miami Dolphins - Ted Ginn, Jr, Ohio State - WOW!!!! COMPLETELY SHOCKING. I'm speechless. So where does Quinn go now????

10:50 - Am I the only person who is slightly annoyed with Mike Mayock? He's kind of bugging me.

10:45 - Just saw the Steve Spurrier Under Armour commercial and how can you NOT like Steve Spurrier. The ole ball coach may have been a crappy NFL coach, but he's just so entertaining.

10:43 - Deion Sanders is a moron.

Atlanta Falcons - Jamaal Anderson, Arkansas - Anderson is solid, but I still think Okoye has so much more upside considering age and whatnot. But at the same time, it's not like Anderson is some scrub.

With Okoye falling, this could benefit the 49ers opportunity to grab Willis. Dolphins clearly take Quinn, Texans might be more likely to take Okoye at 10. Guess we'll see.

10:40 - It'd certanly be fitting for the Falcons to take Jamaal Anderson this year! Somebody had to go there and it might as well be me. Marshall Faulk, "Tremendous Upside." DRINK-DRINK-DRINK.

10:35 - I think the Falcons take Okoye. A Louisville guy for a Louisville guy. Miami jumps on Quinn and then Houston completes that rumored deal with Denver who takes either Branch or Willis (I PRAY it's Branch).

10:24 - More bang than Troy Williamson? I saw a homeless guy in Union Square who would give them more bang than Williamson.

10:22 - Revis or Hall at this pick? That just seems like such a reach. Obviously Bollinger isn't the answer, Tavaris Jackson I'm not so sure about either.

Washington Redskins - LaRon Landry, LSU - Definitely a solid guy who will add to that secondary. Apparently his 3-cone time worries the experts. I'm sure the Redskins will have him bring that 3-cone under a 7.0!

10:18 - I'm glad Deion and Keyshawn are telling Adrian Peterson to keep his head up. Keyshawn's a moron.

10:15 - If the Skins are actually going Landry that makes for a FILTHY secondary. I agree with Marshall Faulk in their need to pressure the QB. I would have considered Okoye there.

10:12 - So Adrian's mom mentioned god in saying he'll put him where he's supposed to be...Drink???

10:10 - I just made the switch to the NFL Network and caught the last minute of Eisen's interview with Matt Millen. Not worried about PR considerations? REALLY?! I'm STUNNNNNNNED!

Arizona Cardinals - Levi Brown, Penn State - You know, if he's the highest guy on your board, you simply have to take him. If I was a Cardinals fan I'd be cautiously happy about this pick.

10:00 - Over at Mile High Report, the Guru is convinced the Bucs trade Adams because he feels Adams doesn't fit their Cover 2 defense.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Gaines Adams, Clemson - I just like this pick. That defense is starting to show some age. Bring in Adams now and he'll get a chance to learn from some great defensive linemen.

9:53 - Let me clarify: I wanted Jake the Snake but Druckenmiller's arm and gun slinger attitude was kind of intoxicating. It peaked when he "beat" the Rams and got the headbutt from Kevin Greene. It was a quick plummet from there.

9:52 - Steve Young, "I think he's looking for a posse of guys." What is this, the Wild West? He's looking for Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday and Jake the Snake!

9:50 - I think the Bucs should stick with Simms as the guy of the future. Either go defense or trade down. Of course I was excited about Jim Druckenmiller, so take that for what it's worth.

Cleveland Browns - Joe Thomas, Wisconsin Wheaties and beer may be the breakfast of champions, but I can't think of many things that beat eggs, bacon and hashbrowns!

Detroit Lions - Calvin Johnson, Georgia Tech - He's the best player out there and the fans seem happy. I definitely agree that he could still be dealt, but if I'm the Lions, keep him and take a QB in the 2nd or 3rd round.

I'm off to go pick up my breakfast down the street...god bless TiVo. Be back in a few.

9:30 - I just love Matt Millen. his ineptitude brings such joy to my life. Words can't describe how horrible he is at his job. The Ford family needs to send him to the chop shop with their old cars.

OAKLAND RAIDERS select Jamarcus Russell #1 - You can't say it's the wrong pick. If he turns out to be a bust you can not blame the Raiders for taking him here. As Kiper said, if they took Leinart last year they could have taken CJ this year, but hindsight makes Mel Kiper look really smart and really bad at times.

[Update 9:20] - Do you think the Raiders have a pick, but they're spending the whole 15 minutes trying to wake up Al Davis? Or maybe he's awake, but they have to convince him Todd Marinovich can't be drafted again?

[Update 9:17] - So the 49ers key additions and key losses went by and Antonio Bryant was listed as a "Key Loss." Is there a negative inverse to that? The proverbial addition by subtraction? I mean REALLY?!

Steve Young just used the term "leadership moxy." #8 definitely had that. Does #11, or is he developing? Of course this is the first usage of that term, so your guess is as good as mine.

[Update 9:15] - So would you take Brady Quinn #1 overall because you can afford him, or will he be an effective centerpiece of the organization? I've warmed to Quinn recently, but I'm just not sure. I consider him a safe alternative to Russell, but if we looked at each at their potential peak Quinn could be great, Russell could be other-worldly.

Update 9:05 - It absolutely warms my cockles to hear Keyshawn get booed by the New York crowd. He has had a solid career, but was he worth the #1 overall pick? Looking at that draft (or at least the first round) and you could argue both for and against.

Update 9AM Pacific Time - Alrighty people, it's about that time. The draft is kicking off and it's time to take care of business. We've been talking about this for months and now the time for talk is over (cliche police are banging on my door). I'm coming to you LIVE from my living room/bed room (God Bless the San Francisco studio apartment).

SB Nation has quite a big of coverage. Expect every team to provide insight, but we have several sites also live blogging:

Pride of Detroit
Daily Norseman
Mile High Report
The Falcoholic
Cincy Jungle

And for those wondering, we're the 49ers on the West Coast so it's pacific time for this thread.

Laaaaate Last night - The NFL Draft, also referred to as the Annual Selection Meeting, is finally upon us.  The rumors are flying like wild fire and it's time to put up or shut up.  The logo included here was created by the graphic design room mate of wjackalope.  Much thanks for a truly awesome logo!

I just got back from the Warriors thrashing of Dallas and I'll be heading to bed shortly.  For those of you up before me (particularly on the east coast and in the Midwest), consider this the initial open thread to get things going.  I'll get the live blogging going shortly before the draft gets going.

In the meantime, feel free to check out our pre-draft coverage.

It feels a little like the night before Christmas.  There will definitely be some solid presents under the tree tomorrow morning.  Maybe a little DJax, maybe Patrick Willis...I know Braekneck asked Santa for Michael Bush.  Either way it's gonna be a fun couple of days.  See you in the morning!