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2007 NFL Draft - Day 2 (Part 2)

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IT'S ALL OVER: MR IRRELEVANT 2007 - RAMZEE ROBINSON, CB, ALABAMA - Congratulations to Ramzee, Mel thinks you make the team as a spunky, little cornerback. Good luck. And we will call it a day. I'll get the Day 2 review up and then LET'S GO WARRIORS!

3:10 - I definitely won't be finding Miss Irrelevant live blogging for 19 hours!

3:06 - We're almost there...I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...Mr. Irrelevant is oh so relevant to the proceedings!

3:05 - Wow, I thought I heard Suzy Kolber say we had hours to go...I think it was something about something happening hours ago. That could have been ugly.

2:59 - Well that was certainly a nice hit by Siler...Quality planting int he back field. And at #248, WHOOOOOAH Nellie, it's Keith Jackson, DT from Arkansas.

2:46 - I gotta be honest...All I'm waiting for now is Mr. Irrelevant. As soon as that's in, I'll post my review of Day 2 and then I'm outta here. I give Ron Jaworski and Mel Kiper all the credit in the world for not only doing this year in and year out, but for knowing everything there is to know about a QB from a D-1AA school that may or may not be a 7th round pick.

Just remember, football is hard work....and groin pulls!

2:44 - If Ginn is healthy, I do agree that he could be a game-breaker for the Dolphins. And of course if Beck turns out to be the guy of the future for them, Cam Cameron will certainly have the last laugh.

2:35 - Good news...Ed Werder confirmed that TO will get his roster bonus in June. Glad they didn't repeat that about 500 times in the last 48 hours.

2:30 - Was working on the Day 2 review...I'll be posting that right after the draft, with an all-encompassing review later tomorrow evening after I get off work.

2:16 - Definitely not surprised by 2 things in the Lynch comments: 1)Dogging the Pac-10 and 2) Dogging the Bay Area weather. I can personally say it drops into a chilly 40 degrees with that fog. Might not be Buffalo, but it's definitely nippy!

2:09 - Yeesh...The Hummer H3 and Out? I think that's the best corporate tie-in so far. The Coors Light Video Conferencing dropped in my rankings after the shoddy performance with Rachel Nichols in Pittsburgh.

2:08 - Best commercials so far: The AVIS GPS commercial, the Ortiz/Posada commercial and all those Super Fan commercials. I'm sure I'm missing some but they're all blending together right now. If I'm still asmused after 17 hours it's a funny commercial.

2:06 - Thanks to nostocksjustbonds for the info, but apparently Clayton's misdemeanor involved a school security guard trying to put a boot on Clayton's car and he drove off. That's not a bad character issue. That's a GOOD character issue.

2:04 - Michael Smith definitely doesn't wanna be disrespecting Gold's Gym!

2:03 - DeShawn Wynn to the Packers who are steadily stockpiling young running backs. I really like this pick for them and as seen before, I would have preferred the 49ers taking Wynn over Clayton.

2:00 - It might have been high for Levi Brown, but if he fits your needs and is high enough on your draft board, might as well take him. He was a projected top 10 talent anyways, so it's definitely not like they took Ted Ginn their...I mean honestly, who would take Ted Ginn in the top 10?

1:57 - Michael Johnson still gets commercials? What the hell for?

1:51 - Matt Moore is to Jaws what Michael Bush was to Braekneck. ESPN's weaknesses for Moore:

Weaknesses: Hasn't shown great foot speed and takes too long to get set. Lacks ideal mobility, hasn't shown great pocket presence and isn't going to buy many second chances. Loses the strike zone far too much and accuracy is inconsistent. While has improved in this area, still puts too much faith in arm strength, locks onto receivers at times and throws into coverage far too often. Doesn't show a second gear in the open field, isn't going to make many defenders miss and isn't much of a threat to run. Is slender, doesn't have great lower body strength and should have some problems pushing the pile in short-yardage situations. Has a history of knee injuries and durability is a concern.

That list of weaknesses seems a little odd, if those are the reasons he's not being drafted so far: Lack of foot speed, can't move the pile, not much open-field speed. Sure they're good attributes for a QB to have, but I'd think actually throwing the ball is a little more important. He's got a good arm and Jaws's video shows he can make good decisions. Consider me in the Jaws camp and sold on Moore. If he gets drafted Jaws might explode.

1:46 - Gotta love when they roll out quotes from 48 Hours!

1:45 - Michael Smith is KILLING me. Those mid 90s 49ers teams with Joe Montana and Bill Walsh. Get your shit straight! At least say those great 49ers teams in the 80s AND 90s. That's twice and it's just ridiculous.

1:42 - Mark it down, Randy Moss is gonna be a beast this upcoming season. He should have acted like more of a professional in Oakland, but to quote every athlete ever, "That's in the past." Like I said, I've been a Moss fan since Marshall was D-1AA and I can't wait to see him hooking up with Brady. Just filthy.

1:38 - I'm not a granola OR Dandy Doodles guy. I enjoy Reese's peanut butter cups...small but tasty. Would that make it the kicker or punter of candies? Important at times but easily forgotten?

1:36 - Tyler Thigpen, QB from Coastal Carolina to Minnesota. My undergrad (American University) plays CC in basketball every year. I think I'm gonna become a Thigpen fan. Maybe he can beat out Jackson and Bollinger in Minnesota. Doubtful, but you never know.

1:34 - Considering EVERYBODY had Ben Patrick in rounds 3 or 4, this has to be considered a steal for the Arizona Cardinals. They've got a great offense already and they're adding a tight end who could bring a little something to the table. Nice pick.

1:30 - Nolan rockin the goatee in the ESPN interview...Definitely looks older with it. Stating the obvious about Willis. There are clearly no question marks with that pick.

They're addressing Tarell Brown and Nolan said that if they're really worried about character, they WILL NOT include them on their board. Hopefully it is just some poor choices and he'll get his act together.

Expectations are definitely gonna be high which can lead to disappointment if the team struggles. It's pretty hard to keep an even keel with so much talent coming in this offseason. Even with some questionable late round choices, this team is looking good.


1:22 - You definitely have to be able to pronounce your players names during the fantasy football. If you can't pronounce it, you don't get him. That's one drawback to the online draft. Less chance for mockery. How-sha-ma-zilly...Championship!

1:20 - Jaws has no doubts that the Jets are a football team. Yea, no shit.

1:18 - And we're coming down the home stretch as we've entered the 7th round. I think I'm completely numb to football analysis. When you start enjoying the analysis of left-footed punters, it's time to take a step back. Hopefully we'll get through Round 7 in under an hour and a half.

1:15 - And FINALLY the all time great video: "New York Jets first round selection...Fullback..." "OHHHH NOOOOOO!"

Yep, Big Papi still funny after 16 hours.

1:13 - Mike Price knows how to coach and Mike Price knows strippers. MAKE IT RAIN! ROLL, TIDE, ROLL!

1:11 - Gotta love the Day 2 videos, they roll out. I believe I saw someone else jump over a car on YouTube last week.

1:09 - Couldn't the Irons brothers have pulled the stunt the Sedin brothers (Daniel and Henrik) did in the NHL and want to play together? I always thought the Barbers would end up together. Guess not so much now.

1:07 - The Dolphins are starting to look to after Ricky? Didn't they do that with Ronnie Brown?

1:05 - People are high on John Beck but I always question late risers. Some draft sites were a little higher on him. I think I also worry about the age issue. He's also going to turn 26, which puts him almost 5 years older than our own Alex Smith. The last "old" rookie was Chris Weinke, although he was a little bit older. It will be an interesting study to see how he turns out considering he's at a pretty prime playing age as a rookie.

1:00 - That Cam Cameron video might be the highlight of the draft so far. You have to love how he tries to play up the clapping. Over atThe Phinsider, they've starting drinking the Kool-Aid again with the John Beck pick and are very excited going ahead. Quite the turn of events from yesterday morning, that's for sure.

12:44 - There's no shortcuts in football buttercup. Football is hard work....and groin pulls!

Just a great run of commercials for the Super Fan package.

12:38 - I'll agree New England had a great off season and Denver and Arizona had solid off seasons. But Michael Smith giving us the love for our off season. I agree with Salisbury that the loss of Norv could be big, but I think Smith is smart enough and talented enough to continue his development without Turner. This team goes as far as Alex Smith takes them. With a re-invigorated defense, he doesn't have to be great, but just good would be a good thing.

12:35 - So another pick of Dallas acquiring their 6th rounder from Dallas via Cleveland. The Browns really worked to confuse everybody on draft day.

12:33 - Mel discussing Thomas Clayton. No mention of his off-field issues but Mel thinks he's a good backup option in the 6th round. Interesting.

12:28 - So was Rachel Nichols dogging Pittsburgh in saying they're cleaning up or what exactly? I'm sure Coors Light is not pleased with that bit of Coors Light Video Conferencing.

12:26 - Not a what coach, but a how coach? That's a new one.

12:24 - Gotta love Tomlin clowning on Trey for his Baylor roots. Might as well get a punter from a crappy offense. At least you know he's gotten plenty of playing time.

12:22 - Tomlin thinks his guys have high motors...I had a high motor 15 hours ago...not so much now.

12:20 - Tony Dungy does things the right way because God dictates it that way.

12:16 - Well we definitely reached on some guys this round, but I think considering the late rounds of these reaches, I'm not too worried. We got guys who are reaches now, but have the potential to do some good things if they can get their acts together. I go in to the season assuming we get nothing from our 5th and 6th round picks and if we do, all the better. The first 3 rounds went quite well, I love Moore in the 4th, Goldson could contribute as a backup and we got Darrell Jackson with a 4th rounder...not too shabby.

12:12 - Well we OFFICIALLY have our shaky character guy. Reports show he's a talented running back but a horrendous attitude issue. From ESPN:

layton has the natural ability to contribute in the NFL but his collegiate career tailed off badly the past two seasons. He is indecisive as a runner at times and he has a history of fumbling the ball. Clayton also has major off-the-field and character concerns that could prevent him from being drafted at all.

Over at New Era Scouting, they say he reminds them of Thomas Jones but,

Clayton throws up many red flags. Chiefly, you have the misdemeanor battery charges. Being benched for the second half of the 2006 season also brings up more doubts about his attitude and ability to be a team player. Clayton has the talent to be a good NFL runner, but he must change his attitude.

With the 186th pick, the San Francisco 49ers select:

Thomas Clayton, Running Back, Kansas State University

12:04 - This is like the 4th straight pick for the 49ers where they've gone to commercial when they come on the clock. East bias!

12:01 - Wendling seems to me like a good pick for the Bills here. I thought he'd go in the 4th or 5th round and every mock draft I saw had him earlier. Could be a steal. And that is certainly quite the leaping ability for a big guy...Hell it's great for anybody.

11:54 - So Salisbury thinks Russell will be the best QB over time because he was the first one taken? I hope they're not paying you a lot of money you dumbass. REALLY insightful analysis coming from the piece of crap former QB. The longer this goes on, the more annoyed I get.

11:50 - Considering the Skins have so few picks I really like HB Blades in the 6th. Maybe he won't make the impact of LaRon Landry, but he could really help them down the road.

11:48 - Glad to see Mel rolling out a best available here in the 6th round. If the 49ers don't take a QB I'd love to see them DeShawn Wynn from Florida to help back up Gore. He's under 6 feet tall bu at 232 lbs he's definitely built to take a pounding.

11:45 - Rufus Alexander to Minnesota...Always a good day when a Rufus gets drafted. Orenthal O'Neal to the Raiders.

11:40 - I really like the Ravens selection of Troy Smith to end the 5th round. Kyler Boller is not the answer and Steve McNair is getting real old real quick. Smith may amount to nothing, but it's a low risk-high reward type of pick.

11:36 - 4 failed drug tests?! Yeesh...Get some golden seal dude.

11:33 - It's always funny seeing a coach squirm as they defend a character pick. Shanahan clearly won't take any crap from Thomas though, so that could work out well for them. One plus in having a disciplinarian-type as your head coach.

11:27 - Well the Superfan package would definitely be an interesting addition for fantasy football purposes. I think I'd have seizure from all the action going on at once.

11:21 - In Maiocco's blog:

Jay Moore says he currently weighs 273. He said he'll likely drop about 10 pounds to enable him to play outside linebacker.

I really like him as an outside linebacker for us. I think it helps our depth tremendously.

11:18 - It's a shame Millen has had a decent draft this year. Otherwise I'd say that I'm glad he still has a sense of humor as he runs Detroit into the ground.

11:17 - I don't think unpredictable is the best word to describe round 1...I'd go with looooooooooooooong. Eric Frampton, S to Oakland.

11:15 - Brandon Frye, OT to Houston...Tim Shaw, LB to Carolina. We just keep rolling on and on and on and on and on. We're approaching the end of the 5th round. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

11:08 - I'm an MLS fan, but just don't know it yet? Gotcha. Let me know when I should know.

11:03 - Time to change threads just like Michael Vick is changing his life.  This is definitely an interesting interview.  Of course if he changes the company he keeps, will that help him actually throw accurate passers?