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2007 NFL Draft - Day 2

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11:00 - Vick's changing? His posse better be worried because he's saying he's changing the company he keeps. That can't be good for the hanger-ons.

CJ Gaddis to Philly

10:57 - Wachovia's obsessed with customer service? Certainly an interesting advertising alternative.

WR, David Clowney #157 to GB

LB, Johnny Baldwin #158 to Detroit

10:54 - With gatling out for the afternoon, I'll do my best to keep posting picks on the main page, but if I miss any I'll be updating the results page. Here's Round 5, with links to all the other rounds.

10:50 - That was the Bush Madden commercial, but do Titans fans wince every time they show the version with Vince Young?

10:49 - Still laughing when the Superfan old guy says we should all run out and get bikini waxes so we'll look nice for our close ups.

10:48 - Bush in the 4th round is NOT a gamble genius.

10:47 - Sean Salisbury likes that Bush is a football player. Well thank god because if he was a baseball player we'd have some issues here.

10:44 - So what the hell is a dandy-doodle? If it's the flashy wide receiver, does that make it a chocolate bar with nuts? Or maybe chocolate with some caramel in it?

10:42 - Yep, the Ortiz ESPN commercial is still funny.

10:40 - It's NOT Ne-vah-da you jackass!

10:39 - Never mind...I forgot they had back to back picks. I like Gattis in the 5th for them. Jaws breaking down Troy Smith right now. Some GM is watching this and is gonna take Smith because Jaws likes him.

10:35 - According to TiVo, the Jaguars were on the clock for 9 minutes. Speed it up fellas.

10:32 - Avis wants us to rock...Isn't that nice of them.

10:30 - Ted Thompson(Packers GM): We've got a lot of young backs people haven't heard of." Is that a good thing?

10:27 - Brown was mentioned as someone to consider in the 4th, so I'd say I'm intrigued with him here in the 5th. He had some character issues and a poor senior season but could be a steal as ESPN says,

Brown did not live up to expectations as a senior. He was suspended for a game and he was hobbled by a broken bone in his foot. He remains unpolished and he must work on reading his keys. Despite all the negatives that surrounded Brown during his final year at Texas, Brown is still a very good natural cover corner when he's healthy and focused. He possesses enough size, speed, athletic ability and tenacity to develop into a starting man-to-man cover corner in the NFL. Brown will slip due to character concerns and misevaluation as a senior, but he could turn out to be a steal in the third or fourth round.

With the 147 pick, the San Francisco 49ers select:

Tarell Brown, Cornerback, University of Texas

10:17 - Hey Trey, way to tie in the All Star game quote from Quinn. Broadcast school paying off.

10:13 - Both networks are really pushing the sponsors...Coors Light, Sprint, keep em coming.

10:11 - (In Washington) Hey, somebody wake up Gibbs, we're back on the clock!

10:07 - I think this would indicate the team is sold on Aubrayo Franklin and Sopoaga at defensive tackle with Cohen competing for a reserve position.

I really can't help but enjoy watching the Brady Quinn video. "That's a suprise..."

9:57 - ESPN had the following to say about Cohen,

Overall: Cohen appeared in 10 games as a true freshman in 2003, mostly as an H-back, missed one game with a hamstring injury, carried once for no gain, and recorded one tackle. He moved to defensive end in 2004, started all 12 games finishing with 28 total tackles, 1.5 tackles for loss, and one forced fumble. In 2005, Cohen played in all 12 games (started the final nine), made 15 total tackles, four tackles for loss, one sack, and one interception. He appeared in all 14 games (12 starts) during the 2006 season and finished with 26 tackles, two tackles for loss, 0.5 sacks, and one forced fumble.

Cohen is a bit of a 'tweener DE/DT prospect with inadequate size as an every-down DT and inadequate speed as an every-down DE prospect. Regardless, he is a decent athlete for his size and he has enough talent to develop into a versatile reserve in the NFL if properly motivated and coached. Cohen projects as a late-round pick in the 2007 class.

With the 135th pick, the San Francisco 49ers select:

Joe Cohen, Defensive Tackle, Florida

ESPN gonna discuss the 49ers when they come back from commercial

9:51 - BUT HE STILL TESTED POSITIVE ONCE! The NFL gets too much of a free pass in my opinion on this stuff. I'm not even arguing about the ethics of steroids. I'm arguing that if MLB is getting lambasted, the NFL most definitely should as well.

9:45 - I love watching that Mel Kiper video. Just the highest of comedy. "Who the hell is Mel Kiper anyways...We don't have to take anybody mel Kiper says..."

9:46 - Troy made me a lot of money in elicit gambling their first year in D-1, so I like the Colts pick of a Troy safety.

9:44 - I second the Chandler comments. An athletic guy in Gates, a monster of a guy in Chandler...Just disgusting...Who cares about having real receivers when you've got those guys.

9:39 - Here's New Era Scouting's Dashon Goldson scouting report

Goldson lacks ideal man-to-man cover skills and he didn't have great production at the collegiate level. However, he battled an ankle injury as a senior in 2006 and he looked far more athletic when recovered at the East-West Shrine game. Furthermore, he is a sound open field tackler who has the size and instincts to develop into a contributor for a team that can protect him in coverage. Goldson has some versatility as a potential sub-package defensive back that can play some cornerback in a cover-2 scheme. Overall, Goldson has enough upside to warrant consideration in the early portion of Day 2.

With the 126th selection, the San Francisco 49ers select:

Dashon Goldson, CB, Washington

9:32 - Bushrod? What the hell kind of last name is that?

9:25 - So basically we traded Kevan Barlow for Darrell Jackson? I'll take it.

9:20 - Not sure if you noticed, but with that Denver-Minnesota trade, the Broncos acquire the Vikes pick, which was acquired from Atlanta, which was acquired from Denver. Do you think Denver realizes this?

9:07 - Montana wasn't on the mid '90s 49ers teams BONEHEAD!

9:05 - Alright time to shower and wake up a litle bit more....Be back in 10 or so...

9:03 - Well we too are hoping Randy Moss speaks about this. I've been a Moss fan since Marshall. I know he's got his attitude issues, but he's just soooooooo damn talented.

9:01 - So John Bowie becomes an eternal answer to a trivia question. Well hello there Wendi Nix. Gotta love a lady who knows her football, right Suzy Kolber?

8:58 - NFL Network enjoying our trade for DJax...Who was the pretty boy that went to college with Jackson? I thought it was our former great backup Jesse Palmer but I don't believe that's him....I recognize the face, can't put a name to it.

8:55 - Who the hell trades up for a punter? Way to go Pittsburgh.

8:53 - Yet another trade moves the Steelers into the GB pick. Any idea what the record is for # of draft day trades?

8:51 - Yea Jaws, toys can be fun, but you need boring non-toys to win championships!

8:50 - As Suzy Kolber is talking about it, I'm still confused by the Antonio Pittman pick. Obviously he's a good running back, but the Saints could have addressed a variety of other needs at that point. I guess the Reggie Bush-backup for the post Deuce McCallister era?

Josh Hancock, P, St. Louis Cardinals killed in a car crash last night. His family is certainly in our prayers and it's a shame.

8:40 - And the Niners Nation pet project, Paul Soliai comes off the board to the Dolphins. We wheep.

8:38 - Apparently the Saints need another running back in Antonio Pittman. That's a lot of running back options in the Superdome.

8:33 - Tanard Jackson to TB...And I love that Coors Light commercial: It's blue like you're eyes. My eyes are green!"

8:30 - A punter running a 4.45 40? Guess we'll be seeing a ton of fake punts in Jacksonville? Good info to know.

8:26 - I know I've been drinking the Jay Moore Kool-Aid for quite some time now, but I really think he's a solid option. I would have liked Soliai here as well, but Moore is a guy who I think will be converted into an outside linebacker in the 3-4, but still could be an occasional defensive end if they need it. He really helps out linebacker depth though, in my opinion.

With the 104th selection, the 49ers select:

Jay Moore, DE/OLB, Nebraska Here's your Jay Moore scouting report.

MY BOY! :)

Let's make it official: 49ers trade their 4th round, 124th pick for...

Darrell Jackson, WR, Seattle Seahawks

Combined with the addition of Jason Hill, our receiver corp is suddenly quite deep. Jackson, Hill, Lelie, Battle and Davis at TE, but capable of being split out. Talk about FILTHY. This has beena phenomenally run draft.

8:15 - Shocking news....another trade. And the Vikings have moved up to take Brian Robison, DE from Texas.

8:13 - Jags take a punter....fantastic, just fantastic.

Oakland Raiders - Michael Bush, RB, Louisville - Well, Braekneck can watch Bush in the Bay Area....just on the dark side!!!! Nice pick for a Raider team that has question marks in Lamont Jordan.

8:08 - The Los Angeles Raiders???? Washington's a little tired.

8:07 - Mort just reported DJax is ours for our 124th pick!

8:05 - It's officially hard core today with our ESPN crew of Mel Kiper, Chris Mortensen, Ron Jaworski and Suzy Kolber. We are NOT messing around today.

8:03 - Mel Kiper listed us in his 5 best decisions for yesterday:

4. After taking a tackling machine in linebacker Patrick Willis with the 11th pick, I liked seeing the San Francisco 49ers move back into the first round (trading for New England's second first-round pick) and getting Joe Staley, one of the best offensive tackles in the draft. QB Alex Smith needs someone who's going to protect his blind side Staley could do that for years to come.
7:57 And we are back live and semi-conscious for Day 2 of the NFL Draft. ESPN is reporting Moss is being traded to the Patriots for a 4th round pick. After all the news about DJax the market has been apparently set at 4th round picks for receivers. Assuming this deal goes through, the Patriots are definitely looking good going into the upcoming season.

I'll be back on here right before 8am pacific time.  For those of you on before that (or leaving back east), here's the start of the thread for Day 2.  Plenty of draft picks with plenty of options to address plenty of needs.  It should certainly be interesting.

In the meantime, check out my review of all the action yesterday, as the 49ers grabbed Patrick Willis, Joe Staley, Jason Hill and Ray McDonald.

See you in the morning...Go Niners!