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Thanks to Call It The Throw for pointing out the Fox Sports review:

Czar's breakdown: This draft might end up comparing favorably with some of ex-coach Bill Walsh's top drafts. Ole Miss middle linebacker Patrick Willis was the worst-kept secret in the draft. San Francisco head coach Mike Nolan fell in love with him at the Senior Bowl and he tagged Willis early as his kind of player. They made a smart trade to acquire Central Michigan OT Joe Staley and Washington State WR Jason Hill was one of the Pac-10's most productive receivers, converting 158 receptions into 111 first downs and 32 touchdowns. Hill could be the playmaker that Alex Smith covets. They also traded a fourth-rounder to Seattle for WR Darrell Jackson, the third-leading wide receiver in Seahawks' history. Jackson, who had knee tendonitis, wore out his welcome in Seattle despite leading the club receptions last season. Deion Branch made him expendable. Nebraska DE Jay Moore has a chance to be a solid pro and a standup outside linebacker. Moore is another player, like Willis, that Nolan fell in love with at the Senior Bowl. Now, the 49ers did take a character risk in Texas CB Tarell Brown, but waited until the fifth round to do it. But Brown, who has a difficult off-the-field background, was a three-year starter at Texas and that's something very positive.

Grade: A+

Over at CBS.Sportsline, Prisco grades us out as an A. I disagree on Staley being a questionable move considering we got a 1st rounder back in the later deal with Indianapolis. I really think those 2 trades have to be considered together:
San Francisco 49ers

Best pick: I love the pick of Jason Hill in the third round. He will be a starting receiver by mid-season.

Questionable move: Moving back up into the first round to get tackle Joe Staley. He's a good player, but was he worth the picks?

Second-day gem: Corner Tarell Brown from Texas is a good player who should have gone higher than the fifth round, but character issues drove him down.

Overall grade: A. They drafted a lot of really good football players. The scouting staff deserves big props.

Not sure how Mel Kiper mistakes the name of the NFC's leading rusher, but whatever:

San Francisco 49ers: GRADE: B+
After the 49ers took a tackling machine in linebacker Patrick Willis with the 11th pick, I liked seeing them move back into the first round (trading for New England's second first-round pick) and get Joe Staley, one of the best offensive tackles in the draft. QB Alex Smith needs someone who's going to protect his blind side, and Staley could do that for years to come. Jason Hill has a lot of speed and was a decent third-round pick. Defensive end Ray McDonald fits Mike Nolan's 3-4 defense; Jay Moore is an intense, hardworking outside linebacker; Dashon Goldson is more of a backup cornerback; Joe Cohen is a backup defensive tackle; cornerback Tarell Brown is a nice cornerback if he stays focused; and running back Thomas Clayton will be a very good backup to Ryan Gore.