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Niners Nation Scouting Report: Robert Meachem

I put up a post late last night regarding wide receivers.  The question was how good do is our wide receiver corp as it is currently constructed.  This draft has a distinct separation in terms of talent available.  It goes Calvin Johnson, a bunch of late first/early second round guys and then third/fourth round guys.  

One of the second group of guys is Robert Meachem.  I spoke with Joel over at Rocky Top Talk and he agreed to put together a scouting report on Robert Meachem.  Other blogs asked about Meachem, so Joel posted an in-depth look at Meachem over at his site.  So rather than the normal post here, head over to his profile of Robert Meachem.  

Meachem sounds like a good guy with great talent, and while I'd love to add him to our receiver corp, I just don't see it happening if we don't trade down in the first or up from the second.