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As we've moved onto discussion of later draft picks, wide receiver has been a position of great discussion.  I don't have specific stats in front me so I plan on expanding on this topic later.  In the meantime, I'd like to throw some thoughts out there to maybe spur some additional discussion with a more focused area.

Considering the moves the team has made up to this point, one has to wonder how good (or not so good) the 49ers receiver corp is right now.  There has been discussion of adding a Sidney Rice or Robert Meachem.  This would require either trading down in our first rounder or trading up from our second rounder.  Other suggestions call for grabbing a receiver in the 3rd or 4th round such as Aundrae Allison, Jason Hill, Jacoby Jones or one of many other receivers.

Before we can determine where to take a receiver, we really need to establish our thoughts on the present 49ers wide receivers.  I'm in the camp that thinks we could do great things with the existing receivers but I still wouldn't mind using a high pick on another WR.  Of course wide receivers are also a notoriously fickle group of draftees, where it often takes 2-3 seasons for them to find their groove with a team.

So the question is, can we get by with the existing receivers.  Clearly we're going to draft a receiver somewhere and the odds of us hitting the Marques Colston jackpot are rather slim.  So, what do you think?  How good is the 49er receiver corp as it currently stands considering best case, worst case and most realistic scenarios?