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Niners Nation on the Radio (UPDATE)

[EDITOR'S NOTE] - I apologize for not getting more specifics to you sooner, but for now, Left Coast Sports Fanatics will air TONIGHT at 7pm pacific time/10pm eastern time on Now Live. Just head over to Left Coast Sports Fanatics at Now Live. You can call in during the show, and if it's busy there is also a live chat room within the site. You can ask questions or make any comments in there and we can discuss them over the air.

The show will be an hour long and as this is our first episode, it will indeed be a work in progress. While we plan on turning this into a show about the West Coast entirely, for now it'll concentrate more on the Bay Area as we get our feet wet. So we hope to see you there tonight and in the future!


After some work and discussion I will be joining Saint from Silver and Black Pride this Wednesday at 7pm pacific time in hosting Left Coast Sports Fanatics.  The Fanatics will air on Now Live, an internet radio setup and we're planning on making this a weekly thing.  

The SB Nation Sports Report has been airing weekly and recently moved over to Now Live.  The Left Coast Sports Fanatics will provide a West Coast take on the world of sports.  While we'll concentrate primarily on the Bay Area, whenever anything of significance happens along the West Coast, we'll be sure to address it.

I'll have more details in the next day or two and either today or tomorrow I'll have a link for you to click over to Now Live.  It's an interactive show with an option for you to call in OR send in questions in an online chat during the show.  We'll be discussing 49ers, Raiders, A's and Giants baseball, Warriors basketball and many other topics.  We're not looking to turn this into a serious sports show, but rather a fun alternative for your sports news and commentary.

More to come...