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Well it's definitely quieted down after the draft and mini-camp.  The 49ers signed a pair of rookie free agents: LB Steve Dildine (Washington State) and G/T Sean Estrada (Penn).  Nothing to crow about but I definitely think we'll need guys pushing for depth at linebacker now that we're rolling out the 4th LB.

As I am the guy who was most excited about Jay Moore, here's a little Q&A did with the Nebraska LB.  These kinds of interviews are mostly fluff pieces, but it's always nice to learn a little more about your new guys.

Frank Gore is excited about the 49ers improved defense.  It always seems like offensive guys love to see an improved defense and vice versa.  An improved defense will keep Gore on the field longer in his quest to break Eric Dickerson's single season rushing record.

The most amusing news comes in the form of former 49ers.  Kevan Barlow signed a one-year deal with his hometown Pittsburgh Steelers.  Always remember that the 4th round pick we dealt him for netted us Darrell Jackson.  I'd trade Kevan Barlow for Darrell Jackson every day of the week!  Also, the Falcons released Jason Webster after 4 years of mostly unproductive play and a 6 year, $18 million dollar deal.  Certainly makes me glad we let him walk.  That Plummer-Webster CB duo never really amounted to much in the end.